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welcome to the jungle

HEY! I'm
melynda smith

and I give a profound shit that you have a life and business you absolutely LOVE. One that turns you on, lights you up, and gives you the time, location, financial, creative, and emotional freedom that you desire and deserve.

BIG DOULA ENERGY is where you'll find my best business secrets, a kick-ass community of radical birth keepers, and learn how to cultivate a life of passion, purpose, freedom, and fun. Be sure to check out the MEETUPS tab as soon as you get in so you can join our next LIVE weekly event!


we're obsessed with

  • Creating websites that WOW
  • Building a brilliant brand
  • Becoming a Magical Marketer
  • Crafting copy that converts
  • Pricing strategically
  • Adopting a limitless success mindset
  • Attracting soul mate clients

🎵 these are a few of my favorite things (Julie Andrews voice) 🎵 and I want to teach you everything I know!