Audience < Friends


Marketing Tip of the Week:

Don't think of your audience as your "audience". Instead, think of them as Friends. Friends who love and trust you! 
Normally we use the term "audience" to describe strangers we have to "perform" in front of. Naturally, a lot of people have performance anxiety and stage fright.
When it comes to marketing, you don't have to perform!! You're not a performer.
You're a person that cares and wants to help.
When you're hanging out with friends, do you feel the need to entertain, impress, inform, and educate them? "Perform" for them? Normally, no.
Your friends are people who love you... so you can just relax and be yourself and talk about things you're naturally passionate about or interested in... knowing you all have similar interests and passions. Around
friends, you don't have a script, you don't have to rehearse; you just gotta shoot the shit and relax.
So maybe try releasing the tendency to impress/perform/educate/inform when you're marketing and instead just... HANG THE FUCK OUT WITH YOUR FRIENDS. 😍
It'll feel easier, more organic, more human.
There'll be way less pressure.
There are people out there who adore you and can't wait to hear what you'll say next.
If you always see your audience as "strangers that are judging you" instead of friends that adore you, you'll always have a hard time marketing. It'll create performance anxiety... it's almost like having Marketing Erectile Dysfunction. 🤣
Language is so important and little linguistic reframes like this can be so beneficial.
Audience ---> Friends


Marketing --->  Connecting + Serving



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