The 4 business systems you need for $ales and sanity

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Wanna talk dirty to me?


Just say the word “SYSTEMS”.


I love ‘em.


As a biz owner, you have to have them!


Here are the four systems that exist in every business. Big or small. All industries.


  1. Marketing System​ - The Marketing System is designed to drive new leads into your business. Lead means: potential client. You want a steady stream of ‘em. 24/7/365. 


  1. Sales System ​- The Sales System is designed to turn those leads into $ales.


  1. Fulfillment System​ - The Fulfillment System is designed to deliver the products and/or services that you promised during your marketing and sales systems. 


  1. Administration System​ - The Administration System is designed to allow the other three systems to operate as efficiently as possible.

All of your business efforts fall into one of these four systems.


One mistake new and even seasoned entrepreneurs make, is that they focus too heavily on their marketing system and neglect the other ones completely.


And to top it all off, their marketing system is broken/inefficient.


In short; they have a bunch of broken and/or non-existent business systems.




One of my areas of interest and expertise is helping doulas create and improve the systems they need to scale their biz.


That's why there's an entire module inside of Doula Biz From Scratch entitled: Developing your CEO Systems.


Businesses are BUILT on systems and having them in place is non-negotiable.


If you want to dive deeper, here's one of my favorite business books EVER... on this exact topic. It's called Work the System. 


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Melynda "Systems" Smith




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