Choosing a name for your doula business (so quick + easy!)

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A big roadblock a lot of entrepreneurs face when they're first starting their business is: Deciding on a business name. 


I think a lot of people make this unnecessarily complicated. Honestly, if you’re a solo entrepreneur, my number one recommendation for coming up with a business name (and a website URL/domain name!)...


is simply to use your own name. 


That's it. Done. Finished. 


If you’re a solo entrepreneur, let's face it: 


YOU are the brand.


You’re the product.


You’re the face of the company.


People are investing in… you.


Now you may be thinking “Actually, people are investing in the product or the service that I'm selling.” 


But that's not true. People are investing in you; your values, your beliefs, your unique approach, your signature methodology, your energy, your vision, your unique philosophy, etc.

If you're reading this, you're likely a single-member LLC or a sole proprietor, not a giant faceless mega-corporation or someone running a company that has 10,000 employees. 


You're not Amazon or Google. You are just… yourself. 


So, put yourself out there! Don't try so hard to be creative and don't make things more complicated than they need to be. :)


I’m giving you full permission to make your business… very simple. 

Let's say for example your name is Oshun Rose.

  • Your LLC is: Oshun Rose
  • Your DBA: Oshun Rose
  • Your website domain:
  • Your Facebook and IG handles: @oshunrose

This is an exercise in business simplicity, as well as consistent branding. Consistency is what brilliant brands are made of.


As an added bonus, using your name as your business name will allow your business to be an ever-evolving, shape-shifting, multi-faceted thing.

The last thing you want is to have an LLC: “Atlanta Maternity Care” or “Savannah Birth Doula Services"...and then move somewhere else! EEK. Re-branding is an entire pain in the ass and something we want to avoid if we can.

Same goes for “Jacksonville Birth Doula Services”. What happens if you stop providing Birth Doula services, and just do childbirth education and become an IBCLC? This may confuse your customers and potential clients.


Your business name needs to be flexible; you don’t want to choose something that limits you, or puts restrictions on where you are and what you do.


Just to boost your confidence, yes, there are loads of entrepreneurs that do this.

Marie Forleo.


Leonie Dawson.

Bobby Klink.

Danielle LaPorte.

Louis Vuitton.

Michal Kors.


All these people are famous mega-millionaires.

Don’t hide behind a business name. Grow some business balls. Make your name the business name.






PS: CLICK HERE to see this in action!

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