Consultation Chemistry

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Let's talk about: Slaying at Consultations. 


Ideally, they show up to the consultation with a thorough understanding of what a Doula is and does. They understand the power, magic, and beauty of what you do (your value)... and KNOW that you’re a critical member of the birth team.


If you're at a consult and they don't already understand...

What it is that you even do or what your "role" is...

The specific results and outcomes they can expect by way of working with you...

Your value (they need to be "convinced" that you’re worth it)...


Then babe, you’ve got a…

  • Major website problem
  • A big ole marketing issue
  • A poopy pre-qualification process
  • A glitch in your client attraction strategy

Or all of the above. 


Contrary to popular belief...

the consultation is NOT a "get to know you" session. They should already know, love, and trust you from your marketing efforts, sales funnels, and your website.

It's also not a "can you explain what you do and how you can help us?" session. Like... how on earth did they book a consultation on your website and NOT encounter this very basic information?!

Lastly, they should have nearly all of their FAQ's addressed and answered before the consult. If you're getting asked the same questions over and over again at consults, be sure to include that info on the FAQ page of your website and in your Services and Pricing Guide.


The future I envision for you looks like this...

  • You have an exciting but thorough pre-qualification process. It filters out all of the "tire kickers" and "brain pickers". The only people that make it through the filter are your soulmate/dream clients. 

  • Your website thoroughly addresses any and all questions and objections they may have. All of their questions and objections have been met head-on, before the consult. They’re only meeting you to see if there’s chemistry. But, they already know that there’s some chemistry, because they’ve been totally enjoying your free, high-value marketing content… and through that, they feel like they know you energetically. This brings me to point #3

  •  Your marketing is authentic, soulful, and immensely helpful to them; your content attracts, entices, and engages the humans you most desire to collaborate with and it turns away those that aren’t a good fit.


With those pesky prequalification/website/marketing roadblocks removed, you can pretty much guarantee that the next time someone sits across the table from you during a consultation... it’s going to feel like pure magic.


Congrats on your new client!!


Big Love,





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