Consultation Foreplay 💦

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Consultation Foreplay, AKA how to get your potential clients warmed up and ready to buy before the consultation. 


All you need to do is connect your scheduler (Ex: Calendly, Acuity, Honeybook, Dubsado, whatever you use to book consultations) to your email nurture sequence.


How and why it works

Someone schedules a consult with you. Let's say the consult is in two weeks. Because you have an automation set up, as soon as they book a time for a consult they immediately start getting your email nurture sequence. By the time they meet you face to face two weeks later… they will have gotten massive value from your free email content!


Content that builds the crucial "know-like-trust" factor, which is absolutely a precursor to sales.


Your email sequence should help them get consistent small wins. You're showing them that YES; you are capable of helping them. Via your emails, they get to know more about you, your values, your philosophy, your personality, etc. The foundation of a trusting relationship gets built and they haven't even met you yet. Rad!


Added Bonus

Let's say "maybe" they don't hire you right away / this time. That's ok. They're on your email list now. They may like some of your other offers or end up hiring you on down the road when it's the RIGHT time. But without them being on your list, you definitely miss an opportunity to serve, nurture, support them and deepen the relationship. The fact is, most of your clients are “long tail” leads; they're not gonna hire you like, immediately after first discovering you on social media. It takes time to build trust; days, weeks, months, years. Email marketing is hands down the best way to keep in touch with people in the long term. 



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