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Hey Friend,
In case you didn’t get the memo yet 🤣 I’m obsessed with marketing- especially marketing psychology- so I wanted to shoot a little tip your way.  
There’s a principle called The Framing Effect, and it shows that customers gravitate towards options that are positioned *positively and safely* rather than negatively and disruptively.  
The most classic example of what this looks like is the “Beef Experiment” that was conducted by Levin & Geath in 1988.  
They put out the exact same cut of beef with two different labels on the packaging.
• One read: 25% fat
• The other read: 75% lean  
*Pause here for a second to intuitively decide which one you'd probably reach for.*
The beef that was marketed as “75% lean” won WAY higher ratings and was purchased more often than the other beef!
Not because they tasted different, they were exactly the same product; just positioned differently.  
It’s these small intentional tweaks in your messaging and positioning that make ALL of the difference in your marketing. Words are powerful!
Now, if you’re thinking: “Melynda, how the hell do I apply this to my DOULA/ MATERNITY BUSINESS!?!”  
Then here’s a beautiful example of what I mean:  
  • On your website, instead of mentioning how hiring a Doula reduces your risk of a cesarean, talk about how it INCREASES the rate of vaginal birth.
  • Instead of talking about how hiring a Doula reduces your risk of induction, talk about how it INCREASES the chance of labor beginning naturally.
  • Instead of focusing on how a doula reduces your risk of birth trauma, focus on how it's been proven to INCREASE birth safety and maternal satisfaction.
  • Instead of focusing on the pitfalls of the medical-industrial complex, focus on the wonders of the birthing body, the body's innate wisdom, and how wonderful the midwifery model of care is.
Words are powerful, and we’re casting spells with our words all day every day.  
Be conscious of your language and be sure to focus on what your clients WANT/DESIRE … Not what they DON’T want.  
Remember, whatever you focus on, multiplies.  
This is a timeless spiritual and mental principle, not to mention dang good copywriting and marketing advice.  
You want your customers to feel joyful, elevated, entertained or confident when they experience your content, not scared, guilty, ashamed or insecure.  
People buy from people they KLT (know, like, and trust) and it's hard to get people to KLT you if you make them feel like poop, or always play on their fears.
Not only is focusing on their ideal future, and their dreams, hopes and goals really kind (and good karma) it’s been proven to improve sales and increase trust.
Super cool, right?! Comment below and tell me what you think of this. I always love hearing your thoughts and insights!

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