Do you have a B.A.P. (Boring Ass Product)? 😴

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Babe, you may think you have a “marketing problem” but what you really have is a B.A.P.


Boring Ass Product. 


Ok well, maybe it's a bit of both. Maybe you have a product and a marketing problem.


My point is; even the best marketing strategy in the world won’t do you a dang bit of good if you don’t have a high-value, unique product that solves a specific problem for a specific person. 


{NOTE: A product is whatever you're selling; digital product, physical product, service, etc. It's all a "product".}


If your product looks and sounds exactly like everyone else's… and it's made for “everyone” (aka “no one”) then no one's going to buy it, no matter how pretty your IG grid is or how many posts you make.


One thing I’ve noticed lately is that when I ask someone what makes their product unique, valuable and compelling… and I ask them to describe the benefits, specific outcome, results/ transformation they provide for their client, they’re (occasionally) able to articulate that to me during a private one on one session.


But… they haven’t clearly communicated that publicly, to their audience/followers, on their website or in their marketing content!


In other words, you’re AFP (Amazing Fucking Product) is absolutely incredible, but only in your head… no one else knows how awesome and unique it is.

You haven’t clearly articulated the awesomeness and the uniqueness of it to your community. 




Or, maybe you’ve focused too much on the features (what it includes) instead of what really matters: the specific Benefits, Outcomes, Results, and Transformation it provides.


Because at the end of the day, that’s all people really care about. All they wanna know is if you can get them from point A to point B. They don't care about what it includes, only if it works… and if it'll help them achieve their One Big Goal.


If you want to turn your current offering into a world-class, five star, premium product… one your soul mate clients will go ga-ga ape shit over… then let's do it. 


We'll morph it. Evolve it. Transform it. Make it sexier. Give it a makeover.


It'll end up looking and sounding radically different than what it looks and sounds like right now.


It’ll showcase and highlight your inimitable skills, talents, passions, strengths, zones of genius. The wildly weird wisdom that you and ONLY YOU have, because there's no one else like you on God's green earth.


It'll be so fabulously unique. 


It'll be boldly and authentically YOU. 


Here’s what it’s not gonna be: A knock off or watered down version of what somebody else is already doing.


Here's what else it's not gonna be: So STUFFED with features that subconsciously you don't even want to sell it, because you know that if you do, you'll be working your fingers to the bone for less than minimum wage. 


Side note: “Premium” doesn't mean “jam packed with every possible feature, service and product I've ever created”. Stuffing it with features won't increase the value… only clearly communicating the value increases the value. Also… it's impossible to sell something that subconsciously creates feelings of dread… or something that doesn't even turn YOU on, because it's so generic. 


ANYWAY, after all that’s done… THEN we’ll dive into “how”.


“How” to market it in a way thats simple, soulful, and strategic. 




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