The Entrepreneurs Freedom Formula

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Babelicious Babe,


Whether you realize it or not, your business exists for many reasons; one of them is to: Support Your Ideal Lifestyle.


Unfortunately, a lot of entrepreneurs unwittingly create businesses that make their Ideal Lifestyle gd impossible.


I know you started your business because you wanted (needed!) more freedom:



So you aren't chained to a desk (or to your phone/laptop) 24/7/365. Fact is: TIME is your most valuable resource and having an open, spacious CEO schedule is the ultimate luxury and marker of success (just a personal philosophy). What good is having loads of money if you have to work around the clock and never have time to spend with the people you love, doing the things you love?!


Furthermore, if you're a doula, midwife or birth pro, you're in a career that requires A LOT of physical, emotional, and psychic energy. Without the downtime and the time off to relax, rejuvenate and replenish your energy reserves, you're bound for depletion and burnout city. Your clients and family won't be getting the best of you, but the rest of you (AKA what's leftover- which ain't a whole lot).


The idea is to intentionally design a business that gives you LOADS of time freedom; it's not going to accidentally, magically happen; this is something you strategically and intentionally engineer. It's time to chop your work week in half and start working smarter, not harder!



Most, if not all, of the entrepreneurs I work with LOVE the idea of going on vacations, traveling abroad, exploring the world 🏝... but again, many of us build businesses that make that impossible. I've personally known doulas and midwives that went years or decades without EVER being able to even leave their fucking zip code because they're on call 24/7/365. Hun, that ain't a business; that's a prison.


So, one of the things I do is help my clients create location freedom. If you desire a WFA (work from anywhere) lifestyle, or just the ability to travel more often, you're definitely in the right place. #passiveincome



One of these two things is definitely true right now: You're either contributing to your family's financial health, wellness, and liberation... or contributing to your family's debt and stress (maybe even bankruptcy). Over here, we love having evolved conversations about financial wellness, making and managing money, manifesting abundance, strategic pricing, profit planning, designing your financial future and upgrading your Wealth Consciousness.


As someone that's lived in actual poverty and I can tell you for a fact that shit's Traumatic (with a capital T) and you're not doing your family, community, or clients any favors by staying broke and burned out. It's hard to show up for your clients powerfully when you're always one paycheck away from homelessness and don't have your basic needs met. So hear me loud and clear on this: Your abundance will allow you to serve, help and support more people, more powerfully.


It's hard to help a person in need when you ARE a person in need. (Not impossible per se, but definitely a pain in the ass) One thing you can fully expect from me and my crew is total permission to be wealthy as fuck; I know you're a kind-hearted, generous, charitable servant to your community who'll use your wealth to do amazing things in this world.



Because you deserve to feel ultimately fulfilled, self-actualized, full of purpose and passion.... Because you deserve a business that feels playful, joyful, easeful, and pleasurable. If your business doesn't FEEL REALLY FUCKIN' GOOD, then what are you even doing?!


It's easy to build a business that feels heavy, dreary, complicated, and stressful. It's easy to build a business that drains you, instead of energizes you. So many fempreneurs say they feel stuck, stressed, and overwhelmed. And if that's the case then yo- we need to talk, because this whole "business" thing can and should feel Oh So Simple, Sexy, and Soulful! 😍


All too often, we leave The 9-5 Corporate World to create more freedom... but instead, end up entirely re-creating the exact same work conditions we wanted to escape (or worse).


Instead of 9-5, now you're working 8-6


Instead of a five-day work week, now it's 6 or 7


Instead of two weeks paid vacation, now it's zero


Instead of $15-20/hour now it's minimum wage (or less)


The crazy thing is, that's totally OK because ANYTIME you desire to, you can completely unfuck your business and start doing things differently. In fact, you can start today. Like... right now. Comment below if this sounds desirable ... or if you just want to share your thoughts. I'd love to hear from you!


You are a powerful creator...




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