Freak flags and flaws (let's talk branding)

branding freedom

No shade but…


Working with a lot of other business coaches means being trained/indoctrinated to be more: masculine, white, Western, logical, “professional,” deferential to authority, and “productive” to the demands of industrialism.


Censored, watered down, fitting in, working your fingers to the bone and neglecting your Spirit. 


But I believe down to my bone seed….


That you can achieve great, fabulous, wonderful things and become abundant AF … all while being the very truest and real version of you. While honoring yourself, your needs, your uniqueness….


In fact, showing up as the kooky bitch that you are and letting your freak flag fly might be the tipping point… the point at which clients come out of the woodwork and flock to you!!


Because they were looking for someone just like you all along, but you were hiding. 


When you show up as your flawed, fucked up, weirdo, magical, complex, contradictory, human self, you can more quickly, easily, and JOYFULLY build your business.


This is a radical tipping point for a lot of my clients.


They start off as newbie entrepreneurs “playing it safe”, because they don't want to be too “witchy” or weird or gay or black or neurodivergent or whatever. Like, let's pretend we aren't those things, because god forbid, the world see us as we truly are. 


Little do they know, that's the most magnetic, attractive, lovable and desirable thing about them. 


That's their Unique Selling Proposition, their differentiation point, the BAT SIGNAL they need to be shining into the night sky (yeah, just like Batman) to call in their Caviar Clients.


When you can OWN your uniqueness and proclaim it boldly; you'll have a strong AF personal brand. 


Your personal brand is your most valuable business asset, because people want to hire  REAL PEOPLE, not boring robots. People want to work with REAL PEOPLE, not companies or corporations. 


And REAL PEOPLE are complex and imperfect. 


So, OWN your brand. Embody it. Live it. Be it.


RE-CAP: When you are a solo-prenuer… you ARE your brand. It's just... you. But, the real REAL you!! Your brand is your essence. 




Thanks for coming to this braindump.


I love you so much.

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