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I switched to a new email service provider (Flodesk) and LOVE it!!

Results: After to switching to Flodesk, my email open rate went from 58% to 65%. The 7% boost comes primarily from being able to more easily re-send unopened emails than I could with Kajabi (my previous email service provider).
In other words, folks that don't open the email within 24 hours, I just change the subject line and resend it to them. Good lil open rate boost just from that one thing.
Another thing I've been doing: Putting more emphasis on writing captivating subject lines and making sure the top of the email (the first thing they see) grabs the readers' attention. You wanna grab 'em by the lapels right off the bat or they won't be inspired to keep reading.
Other stats: My click-through rate went from 1% to 2%. This is better, but still pretty low and I'm working on troubleshooting my low click-through rate/solving that issue and am aiming for a 3-4% click-through rate. What good is a "high open rate" if no one is clicking the "call to action" link within the email, ya feel me?!
Happiness/joy factor: So, any and all business strategies and tactics... I always look at the data/numbers/graphs to see what's working and what's not (you gotta assess feedback), but more importantly, I ask myself DOES THIS FEEL GOOD?
Like, who cares if it's "effective" or has a "positive financial effect" if it has a negative impact on you emotionally or energetically?! So, my happiness/joy factor with my new email service provider is now at a solid TEN when it used to be a 4/5. 🥰
This comes from having more creative control, customization options, not to mention ease of use. The software is just more... easeful and playful and that's totally critical for me when it comes to marketing and business. ❤
Anyway, if email marketing is a core part of your marketing strategy (and it definitely is for me!) I highly recommend FLODESK over all others.
This coming from someone who's used MailerLite, Convert Kit, Mailchimp, Hubspot and Kajabi.
If you're looking for a way to easily send gorgeous AF emails (and also have more fun designing emails) then you can check out Flodesk by clicking here.





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