"Doula Package" VS. Irresistible Premium Offer

product development

Which would you rather have; a "doula package" or an... Irresistible Premium Offer?


Your Irresistible Premium Offer is one that....

⚜️ Your Caviar Clients will go ga-ga ape shit over

⚜️ Turns YOU on because it's so exciting and different!

⚜️ Stops folks dead in their tracks; they can't believe it exists, because it feels like it was custom-tailored to them.

⚜️ Solves a crystal clear, specific problem (a problem they not only "want" to solve but *NEED* to solve)

⚜️ Helps them achieve a clear, specific goal

⚜️ Presents them with a unique framework, methodology, or process; a clear path from Point A to Point B they can follow with confidence

⚜️ Differentiates you from the oodles and oodles of other people in your industry

⚜️ Showcases and highlights your unique blend of skills, talents, passions, abilities

⚜️ Allows you to work in your zone of genius and zone of joy, so that providing the deliverables and showing up is fun, playful, and easeful

⚜️ Is strategically, intelligently, and profitably priced

⚜️ Is an expression of who you are on a soul level

⚜️ Helps you achieve your Ultimate Life Vision and provides you with time, location, financial and emotional freedom



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