How to Write the Perfect Brand Bio (+ Why Every Doula Needs One)


Every entrepreneur needs a juicy Brand Bio!


 A Brand Bio, also called a “mission statement” or “tag line”, is a short, one sentence statement that beautifully encapsulates who you are, what you do and how you help people. Craft the perfect lil' Brand Bio and boom- you’ll finally have the perfect and professional response to the question “So, what do you do?”


Here’s a no bueno brand bio: “I’m a doula” or “I’m a midwife”. This one makes me cringe. It’s by far the most uninspiring way you could possibly introduce yourself to your peers, colleagues and prospective clients! It doesn’t tell people WHAT YOU DO (which is weird because they probably just specifically asked you “So, what do you do?”) But I get it; communicating exactly what makes your brand unique/better/different from your competitors can be difficult. After all, you’re a multifaceted human being with a lot of different skills, passions and abilities. The fact is, you need an inspiring, intelligent and succinct way to describe yourself… at the drop of a hat. 


Here's what happens when you don't have a Brand Bio: 


People don't understand what you do. And when people don't understand what you do, they:

  • Leave your website/social media page after a few seconds because they have no idea if they’re in the right place or if you can help them. 

  • Can’t refer their friends to you because they don't know what you do or how to explain what you do, either.

  • Aren’t interested in you or your business.


In other words, they aren’t engaging with you, talking about you or interested in you. Ouch!


Your potential customers need to know exactly what you do and who you serve within 5 seconds of landing on your website and social media pages. The modern person's attention span is shorter than ever and people are also busier than ever. If they don't think they’ve come to exactly the right place they’re going to exit out and scroll on faster than you can say “nipple stimulation”. 


Here’s how a Brand Bio can skyrocket your business + attract your ideal clients:


Let’s say you're pregnant and searching Google for a birth photographer. You type in “Birth photographer near me” and scan the top Google results. You see:


Google Result #1: “Professional Photographer in (insert your city here).”  Huh, that’s nice. Next!

Google Result #2: “I provide timeless, fine art birth photography to home-birthing parents in Jacksonville, Fl who want to document the most important day of their lives; their baby’s arrival.” #signmethefuckupnow


Now, that “professional photographer” (Google result #1) may in fact be a birth photographer. Heck, maybe even the best one in town. But you’d never know it based on their Brand Bio! You can rank #1 in Google search results and even be the best in the biz, but if your brand bio isn’t on point it doesn’t matter too much... because marketing works primarily on a deeply emotional and subconscious level.


Your homework

  • When you Google yourself, what pops up in the search results? Does a beautiful Brand Bio appear or just “Doula/Midwife in (insert your city here).” Be sure to edit your website’s SEO settings to ensure your beautifully worded Brand Bio pops up when someone Googles your business.

  • Does your Brand Bio speak loud and clear to your Ideal Client Avatar? In other words, is your Brand Bio attracting and enticing the people you MOST want to work with? 


Here’s exactly how to craft the perfect Brand Bio for your doula business:


METHOD #1: Best for solo doulas (as opposed to an agency or group) 

I (pick a verb: help/teach/guide/serve/mentor, etc.) (insert ideal client) so they can (insert their desired results here).  

Ex: I support, guide and nurture home birthing families so they can give birth naturally and with calm confidence. 

Ex: I guide and nurture expecting, first time parents living in Jacksonville, Florida so they can give birth is a way that leaves them feeling confident, supported and empowered. 

Ex: I support expecting parents who want to bring their baby into the world in the safe, healthy, gentle way that nature intended. 


METHOD #2: Best for solo doulas (as opposed to an agency or group) 

My (adjective) (service you provide) helps (ideal client) achieve (insert desired results here). 

Ex: My holistic doula service helps LGBTQIA families achieve evidence based, safer, easier, healthier births.

Ex: My evidence based HypnoBirthing classes help teen moms release birth fears so they can have safer, easier, healthier, less painful births. 


METHOD #3: Best for a doula agency or midwifery group

My/Our (insert adjective) (insert service you provide) helps/serves/supports (insert ideal client here) so they can (insert their desired results here). 

Ex: My progressive OB GYN practice supports expecting parents who want the most holistic and evidence based maternity care available. 

Ex: Our evidence based home birth midwifery practice supports parents who want to bring their baby into the world in a safe, gentle, natural way. 

Ex: Our professional doula agency supports parents having cesareans so they can feel fully supported, nurtured and full of calm confidence on their baby’s birth day. 

 And yes, you can copy/paste and totally steal the examples shown here!


Ok, I’ve got a kick ass Brand Bio. Now…. where do I put it?


Put that bad boy every dang where:

  • In the main header on the homepage of your website (it should be the very first thing people see)

  • On all of your social media profiles. Think: IG bio.

  • In your email signature

  • On your business cards and brochures

  • On your company swag: stickers, magnets, etc.

  • Anywhere and everywhere clients come in contact with you.




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