I know your future

I looked into my crystal ball, saw "Future You" and there was no doubt about it.


You had finally figured out this whole “entrepreneur” thing!


You finally got what you wanted… and SO much more. 😎


There you were Babe, and you had….


The deep satisfaction and confidence that comes from knowing you're running your business the RIGHT way, right away, and avoiding the common pitfalls so many new (and even experienced) doulas face 



A mindful, magical, modern marketing strategy... effortlessly magnetizing your dream clients



A world-class, stand-out, authentic brand that looked and felt like YOU (instead of a cookie-cutter, carbon copy of someone else) 



An elevated wealth consciousness that allowed you to attract, manifest, and receive money without feeling like a piece of shit (b/c you finally realized abundance is every beings birthright and all healthy, symbiotic relationships require reciprocity)



A completely UNIQUE doula package that people WANTED to pay premium prices for, because it offered something no one else could (your inimitable blend of brilliance, knowledge, lived wisdom, skills, and personal experience)



The opportunity to quit your unfulfilling 9-5 job, do what you're truly passionate about, and become self-actualized 



Simple, automated systems running your business for you, so you weren't glued to your laptop and phone 24/7/365 doing mundane administrative tasks



A super-efficient, highly productive daily business routine so you knew exactly what to do, why, and when to quickly meet your big sexy business goals 



A macroscopic, birds-eye view of your entire business ecosystem and how all the pieces fit together as an organic whole



Automated, evergreen sales funnels dropping a steady stream of dream clients off at your doorstep (not literally though, 'cause that'd be super weird)



A gorgeous, professional 24/7 client-attracting, sales-generating website (one that actually turned clicks into clients!)



A life and business that felt easeful, spacious, joyful, and playful 



An evolved, heart-centered and powerfully yin way of looking at finances, marketing, branding, and business



But most importantly… you had a life and business that you were truly proud of. 



One that facilitated your IDEAL lifestyle and gave you time, location, financial and creative freedom. 



In the future, my friend…


  • You know for certain you’re running your business like a smart CEO would.

  • Every aspect of your business feels aligned, soulful and authentic... because now you're following your heart and your creative instincts, not the crowd.

  • You’ve activated your power, purpose, passion, and potential.

  • You’re not worrying about where your next client is coming from.

  • You’re creating generational wealth, powerfully serving the families you work with, and giving back to your community in ways you never thought possible.

  • And best of all, it feels really fucking FUN.


That is your future, you know. The only question is: WHEN?


See, you can bring this dream to life in the next 12 weeks, with me by your side, walking you through each and every step… giving you every ounce of my time, energy, resources, and attention…


or you can stay where you’re at, trying to figure everything out on your own. Learning from trial and error. 


And honestly, both options are equally beautiful and rewarding.


Hot take: We have infinite lifetimes, and if it’s meant to happen for you, it’ll happen. So why even worry one little bit? Why rush the process?


My philosophy: Do what feels sexy AF. Trust your gut. Do what you WANT to do (not what you think you “should” do, or are “supposed” to do). 


The fact is, we’ve all got instincts, intuition, and a sense of our True North. 


If yours points this way, I’ll be here… and I promise we’ll have a hell of a lot of fun building your Doula Biz From Scratch.




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