The Cult of Entrepreneurial Martyrdom

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Why is it that the healer/caregiver/spiritual business owners are the ones dealing with so much suffering, stress, struggle, and depletion?


All these folks pouring from a bone dry cup and thinking that's the marker of success.


It’s almost like a cult or badge of honor. 🏅🏆


And believe you me; I used to wear that badge.


One day, I took it off.


Aahh... It was like taking off very heavy armor.


A heaviness I didn’t know was there until it was gone!


Business owners. You don’t have to suffer in order to help people. Your business shouldn’t leave you feeling depleted. Over-delivering while undercharging isn’t a sign of enlightenment. It just results in mental, physical, emotional, spiritual, and financial self-harm. 


It results in not just financial debt, but emotional and energetic debt.


Perhaps the tendency to overgive and an inability to receive back the time, love, and energy you so freely gift to others… doesn’t come from a place of altruism, but from trauma and toxic people pleasing? 


Don’t let suffering and stress and struggle and scarcity become a core part of your entrepreneurial identity.


What would happen if you allowed your business to be very easy, simple, playful, pleasurable, profitable?


Or maybe the issue is, on some level, you don’t truly think that’s possible. Or that you deserve it. Or that if your business IS FABULOUS and you are abundant, that makes you a terrible person?


These are just some thoughts I’m having today. 


And because a lot of my readers are Doulas and Midwives, I'll mention this:


When I was a Birth Doula I spent a lot of time turning people on to the idea that birth could in fact be… very pleasurable, easy, intuitive, spectacular… orgasmic even!


I would ask them, what would happen if you released the story that birth, by default, was very painful, traumatic, hard, tedious, and dreary?


What if there was another way?


What if you just imagined that birth was something to be enjoyed instead of something to just suffer through?


And most importantly: are you willing to take responsibility for actively creating this fabulous birth that you now envision for yourself?


So that’s the question I have for entrepreneurs today. What would happen if you released the story that being a business owner was inherently tedious, painful, dreary, “hard work”, etc.? Are you willing to take responsibility for actively creating this fabulous business that you now envision for yourself?


You are the Grand Designer, the Engineer, of your beautiful life and business.


Just play with the idea that business can be fun, sexy, easy, simple… 👅💕🌹🦋 





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