Innovate or Die ☠️


I'm running back through the lessons and modules of my own program, Doula Biz From Scratch. I do this every single year. 


I'm revisiting my Ideal Client/Caviar Client. Revisiting my S.M.A.R.T. Goals. Revisiting my Product Suite. Revisiting my SOP's and KPI's. Revisiting my Ideal Lifestyle. Revisiting my pricing. Revisiting my Ideal Work/Life Schedule. Revisiting financial goals (now that we've met and exceeded those previously set). 




Because for one: a new year approacheth! It's going to be 2023 in a few short weeks and doing a thorough business diagnostic is always indicated in Q4 of every year. 


And also… because business development is a never-ending process. Nothing is static. In fact, if things aren't constantly evolving, getting better, more streamlined, more creative…


then you're fucked. 


Businesses that don't innovate, die.


I like to rate the plasticity of my business. Plasticity = the capacity for being molded or altered.


Right now, we're at a fucking 10.


We can adapt, improvise, evolve, shapeshift, etc. with ease and grace.


Like a boxer dodging punches.


"Be water", Bruce Lee said.


Like, he didn't say be "like" water, he literally said BE WATER.


Flow. :)


Is your business water?


Does it flow and adapt and shapeshift?


Businesses that don't evolve and adapt to their ever-changing market get left behind and replaced.  

  • Is your pricing keep up with inflation?

  • Is your product still relevant to your market? As market needs change, so should the product you're offering, and the features it includes. Market needs are always changing, so guess what that means! 

  • Are your business goals still supporting your Ultimate Life Vision? As your life evolves and your life goals change, so must your business, because your business exists to uphold and facilitate your Ideal Lifestyle.

  • Is your target market still your target market? Why or why not? Maybe there's another group of folks you'd be better suited to serve, now that you've grown and expanded and added to your skillset and toolbox.

  • Is your business allowing you to be creative, playful, joyful, expansive? Does it still turn you on? Are you living and working at your creative edge? Why or why not?

  • Did you meet the business goals you set for yourself last year? If so, then what new milestone are you after? If you didn't meet last years goals, what needs to be improved?



If your business looks the same way this year as it did last year... you're going to get the same results. If you want better results, you need better systems and mindsets.

If you want better systems and mindsets, then join us inside Doula Biz From Scratch.









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