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I wanted to share one of my very favorite secrets for writing magnetic content!




Yeah… that’s it.


Were you waiting for something bigger? Something more…. complex? An extreme 30-step process? The latest, trendiest AI software??


The way I see it- the most important relationship you’ll ever have in your life (period!) is with your own intuition.


Your intuition gives you spot-on, incredible hints and tips, all day, every day. 


It’s your compass, hidden weapon, best friend, True North…. in life and in business.


When you really know how to trust and listen to your intuition, you’ll have a guiding light that you can trust at all times, that'll never go out or leave you, and will always steer you in the right direction.  


It's like having a GENIUS, EXPERT life and business coach that's available 24/7/365 (and freeee!!) 


Holy shit, that's incredible, right?!


When you follow the cues from your intuition, it’ll take you on the most incredible journey: the one mapped out on your Vision Board and documented in your journal.


So why is it so difficult to trust your intuition? 


Well…. we’re conditioned to believe everything our minds tell us. We’re taught to listen to our rational thoughts, to follow logic and prescribe to the rules of 3D.


The thing is…. our intuition is the greatest intelligence in the universe, it’s of the quantum realm, it's not of "the mind".


If you tap into your intuition, you’ll activate the highest possible expression of your creative genius. You’ll become limitless.


NOTE: “Becoming Limitless” is Module #1 of my marketing mastermind and business coaching program, Doula Biz From Scratch. 


So, how does “following your intuition” apply to writing content?


Well, here’s the golden rule: Don’t write from your mind.


The mind is linear and logical; it thrives off of “process”, it wants to box and structure. 


Instead, write using your intuition. 


Just let go and let the words flow like a river, without stopping. 


This is called Free Writing. 


You don’t judge, edit, censor, or criticize what pours forth…. You just channel that shit and release it all without overthinking it and worrying about it.


Just write NOW, put pen to paper and see what you discover. 


A lot (if not MOST) of your secret genius and deep artistry lies in the subconscious; free writing and being in the flow state help you tap into this place so quickly and easily. Fun fact: When I have a problem I'm trying to work out, I WRITE it out using this method, instead of “thinking” it out. And wowww, you would not believe the answers I come up with!!


Anyway, Free Writing is a magical and radical way to write anything; especially content.


It’s the method I’m using now. 


I’m going to FREE WRITE this first (it'll be a very fast and shitty intuitive rough draft, which is exactly what you want), then after I'm totally done writing, edit it for a few minutes, then hit publish.


Anyway- start using this method and you’ll start writing content so good, you’ll be blown away by your own work. You’ll sit back, reread your work, look around the room and ask, "Who wrote THAT?!"


It just… unlocks something. 


Bonus: It’s also therapeutic AF. 


BTW, I learned this method from reading the most incredible book ever: The Artist’s Way. 


If you want to get rid of writer's block forever and remember the Creatrix within, you HAVE to read this book. I’ve been giving copies of this book away to friends for years now and everyone says it’s absolutely life-changing. 

Try this out asap and let me know how it goes for you. 


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