The mortal enemy of every new entrepreneur is...

minimalism simplicity


COMPLEXITY IS THE MORTAL ENEMY of progress, results, and action.


If you're feeling stuck/stagnant/stressed....


Remember to KISS:


Keep it super simple!


KISS could also mean: Keep it simple, sexy. ;)


If you're having trouble bringing projects to life, moving forward in your doula business or making progress, maybe it's time to ask yourself:


Am I overcomplicating this?


Does this feel complicated because I don't have a clear plan of action?


How can I simplify the heck out of this process?


Does it REALLY need this many steps/components?


Am I trying to do too much all at one time?


Is this truly necessary or can it be eliminated/delegated?


I want to know: What feels heavy or complicated right now? What about your doula business is just a big pain in the ass? Feel free to drop a comment and let me know. 


The facts:


❌ You don't need a dozen products and services on your website.


❌ You don't need a dozen website pages. 


❌ You don't need a dozen social media accounts or marketing platforms. 


The problem with modern entrepreneurs is we have TOO MANY gd options. Too much information. Too much sensory input. We're suffering from decision fatigue and cognitive overload. Like, even from way over here I can see the steam coming out of your ears and the eye twitch you're developing.


Anyway, here's what you need:


✅ One high-ticket product.


✅ One friggin' excellent website page (the one that talks about the one high-ticket product).


✅ To show up consistently on ONE marketing channel and provide massive value.


✅  To solve one major problem for one target market. 


Too often, business owners turn their biz into a complicated, thousand-piece puzzle.


They create complex systems with too many components, too many offers. 


Complex systems are prone to chaos and confusion. 


Chaos and confusion lead to zero results... and a shit load of stress.


We want business minimalism. SIMPLICITY. 


Whittle it down to the absolute essentials.


Stop saying "yes" to everything. Be selective.


That's when you'll see massive fucking results, ASAP. 


If this resonates and you want some help, just comment below with the word "SIMPLE" and I'll write back.


Keep it simple, sexy... 





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