Being in creative flow, making shit up, etc.



I have a secret, signature process that I use to attract raving ass fans and create amazing, fabulous programs, products, and offerings.  


I’ve NEVER shared this valuable information with anyone before and never will again, so please pay close attention.  


Go grab pen and paper.


Are you ready and willing to receive my life-altering formula for creating a world-changing, successful business or offering?  


Brace yourself for this earth-shattering REVELATIONNNN....


Ok, babe, here it is:




I highly recommend it.  


How to Make Shit Up – in 3 easy steps:  


STEP 1: Make something up.


STEP 2: Put it out into the world.


STEP 3: If people are interested, double down and keep it up. If they’re not, repeat steps 1 + 2.    


FACT: This is the one and only non-bullshit, results-guaranteed success/happiness formula currently in existence.  Everyone who's ever written a hit song, did something revolutionary, published a novel, moved humanity forward, created or did ANYTHING REALLY DOPE... they made that shit up. 


This blog right here.... just me sitting at my laptop, making some shit up. Having fun. Not caring too much, or thinking too hard about it. Just being in creative flow. Much coffee.




At this point, you're likely looking around at what everyone else in your industry is doing and just copy/pasting.  (Hey, no judgment here, it's all good.)


One of the reasons I became a booked-out doula was because at every turn I intentionally decided to (gasp!) "make shit up".


I mean, I couldn't help it, honestly. I'm a creative person and all that creative people do... (regardless of what industry they're in)... is just make shit up all day.


Anyway, despite just being my natural tendency.... making shit up also (bonus!) helped me stand apart from everyone else. 


For example, on my website; instead of saying I offered unlimited "support" during pregnancy, I said I offered unlimited "holistic maternity consulting". 


I wasn't a doula, I was a Quantum Birth Consultant. 


I called my "complimentary consultations" Birth Strategy Sessions. 


I didn't offer "Bengkung Belly Binding", I offered Womb Wellness Sessions.


Totally made all that shit up. Just felt right. And fun.


Maybe you look at what everyone else is doing, and do it ass-backward and upside down. Maybe you do it with your own style, flair, and flavor. 


Follow your creative instincts. 


Quit trying to blend in.   


I'm giving you full and complete permission to stand out and be unique. To do something weirdly, dangerously different, and fun. To be authentic. To express yourself. Too quit giving so many fucks. To trust your Inner Creatrix (let that bitch run loose!!!)


Here's to letting your freak flag fly,





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