Marketing is hypnosis. Please be mindful πŸ•‰οΈ

copywriting marketing mindfulness

Your marketing is more powerful than you realize.

We all know that words have the power to hurt or heal.


The way you communicate with clients and market your business has a profound effect on their mental/emotional state and overall physiology. 


May we all have the wisdom to wield this power wisely. πŸ™πŸ’•


Your marketing strategy and the content you create can be: powerfully soothing, calming, playful😍, delicious… and bring the person on the other end of it, a sense of profound peace and joy. It generates a sense of “I’m home”. Your marketing can absolutely help to regulate their nervous system. How beautiful is that? Keywords here: safety and security.


Even as I’m typing this, I’m imagining that your body is soft and warm and easeful as you read these words. That’s the energy I want to generate.


On the other hand, our marketing could also activate a stress response and be very fear-based. It can generate feelings of uneasiness, worry and make the person we love and want to help feel ungrounded. This is unfortunate at baseline, but one of the unintended side effects is people may begin to associate those feelings with you and your brand. This can come about from the unintended overuse of words like: crisis, death, trauma. 


If you are a Doula or Midwife who’s ever worked with a care provider who has an overly technocratic birth philosophy, you’ll see that they throw around words like failure to progress, big baby, labor pain (instead of contraction or wave) etc. 


Their words, attitude and energy literally manifest shitty outcomes. It’s almost self-fulfilling prophecy. 


If you’ve ever explored the topics of Hypnosis and NLP you’ll know how potent words are. 

So the question is: how are you hypnotizing your clients? What kind of programming are they receiving from you (via your marketing, website, conversations, etc) 


(And if you think “I’m not that influential, Melynda!” you’re wrong.)


Marketing mindfully and with awareness; this doesn’t mean that we tiptoe around people, coddle or infantilize them. We don’t sweep important topics under the rug, pretend they don’t exist, or leave them on addressed. 


I’m not saying to be inauthentic or refrain from expressing yourself creatively and powerfully.


But to… pause and consider the person who’s on the receiving end. 


What effect do you wish to have on their mind and body? 


Are you focusing on their dreams, hopes and goals, or playing on their fears, worries and concerns?


What effect do you want to have on them mentally, emotionally, physically? 


This is just a call to be aware that you’re casting spells all day with your words and thoughts. 


And that whatever we give our attention to, grows. 

I’m dedicated to being more aware of this in my own marketing. If you have a large platform or audience, or even a small one this is our moral and ethical duty because a lot of people are hanging onto our every word and see us in a position of authority. πŸ™πŸ’•πŸ¦‹




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