I Have Marketing Diarrhea 💩


In every single cohort of Doula Biz From Scratch, at least one person goes viral as fuck.  


They go viral like a case of herpes at Coachella. 


They create an amazing piece of marketing content that gets shared, liked, commented on, saved a bazillion times. Their content goes viral like Covid on a crowded Carnival cruise ship. 


And for my clients that don't “go viral” (which is kind of overrated anyway, TBH) at the very least they begin to have...


Marketing Diarrhea!! Yay!!


I had to Google the word “diarrhea” to make sure I was spelling it right.  


See, when folks first join Doula Biz From Scratch, unfortunately, most of them have Marketing Constipation.


This is what Marketing Constipation feels like (lmk if you can relate):

You strain and push and strain and push and strain and push and finally, after all that hard work: *plop* out comes this generic little Facebook post that gets zero attention. A lot of hard work, a lot of time spent, for little to no result. In other words, marketing takes foreverrrr, it's no fun at all, you have to FORCE it out and you're just getting these little pebbles (2-3 sentence posts). 


But Marketing Diarrhea is when you have...

a crazy good consistent flow of fabulous ideas and can crank out marketing content like no one's business. Like you're CHANNELING that shit. You're in Creative Flow. You have found The Muse. Marketing is actually…. (gasp) FUN!!! It feels GOOD! It's something you LOVE to do. It feels joyful, playful, pleasurable, and easeful. And the reason it feels good is because maybe, possibly for the first time in your life, you're engaging in true, authentic, creative self-expression. You got that throat chakra spinning and healthy. You're able to express yourself, how you feel, what you believe, and what you stand for without shame. You're finally doing the work of helping the people that you're meant to help. You have activated Ultimate Creatrix Mode. As an added bonus, it's some dang good karma, because your marketing is profoundly helpful to your audience and it's free. Via marketing, you are being a soulful servant to your community and helping them achieve their desired goal. 


So rad, right?


On a random note, I believe shame and fear hold people back from marketing more than any damn thing. (Ex: "Will people still love me if I say this? Will they think I'm too weird? Too bold? Too cunty? Too sensitive?" Get past this, and you've done 90% of the hard work)


When you have Marketing Diarrhea, you aren't overthinking, criticizing, censoring, editing, judging your work. You let it flow through you. You're ok with busting out a fast and furious SRD (Shitty Rough Draft). You aren't analyzing and critiquing every gd sentence as you type it thinking “let me edit this and make then sentence perfect before writing another one”. You allow it to emerge organically and intuitively. You give birth to it. Open and release. 


How to be a world-class, five star, magical marketer...

It has NOTHING to do with buying Instagram templates, using fancy tactics, a $40/month social media scheduling tool, or “strategies”. 


  • You have to intimately understand your audience. They're real, live human beings that need your love, time, energy, and attention.

  • You sit down to create content and very intentionally enter the spirit of giving, loving, nurturing (and/or maybe even entertaining) your audience. They don't always want to be “educated and informed”; they want to feel loved and be understood by you.

  • You gotta completely REFRAME the way you “see” marketing. Once you look at marketing in this new light, it'll feel so GOOD, and when it feels good, you'll WANT to show up and do it. All the hot dang time.

  • You have to have a deep and thorough understanding of what marketing actually is (and what it ain't). Most people have no idea what marketing is, honestly. Misconceptions abound.

  • You have to be ok with a SRD (Shitty Rough Draft). Enough with the paralyzing perfectionism.

  • You have to be able to step into Creative Flow and Meet the Muse.

  • You have to actually… PRACTICE!!

  • You have to not care so much what some imaginary fucking person may or may not think of your content and just hit "publish".


If you want to get rid of Marketing Constipation, then fair warning: Doula Biz From Scratch is prune juice mixed with Ex-Lax and Colace.







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