New Business Models for Doulas: Coach, Consultant, Concierge, Course Creator...

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Do you want to:


  • Morph/replace your "always on call" doula service with a coaching, concierge, or consulting business model...

  • Work one to MANY (instead of just one-to-one)

  • Serve more clients, more powerfully...

  • Achieve time, location, and financial freedom...

  • Create passive income with digital products/online courses...

  • Or maybe just completely re-structure and upgrade the way you currently offer and deliver your doula service?


There are so many ways to share the message of conscious, autonomous, family-centric birth with the world. An on-call, in-person, 1:1 business model / birth doula offering is just one way... and it works for some folks, but not all.


In fact, I'm working with a large number of doulas right now who say that lifestyle isn't sustainable or desirable for them any longer... they don't have the familial support structures/ child care, they just had a baby and need to rest (but still create income), being on call for years is creating burn out, they realize they're more suited to an educator/ mentor role, they need steadier hours, they need steadier income, etc.


BUT they still want to stay in their role of: Sacred Birth Keeper.


I want to turn you on to some new, more modern, and more easeful ways of doing things.


You are an ever-evolving being, and so is your business. Are you open to letting your business evolve, grow, or completely change direction?


Or do you have a fixed mindset where "things must always remain exactly as they are, even if it's not working and makes zero sense"?


There's no one "right" or "best" way to run your unique business.... but there is definitely a way to run a playful, joyful, easeful, profitable, sustainable business.


Maybe it's time for a business glow-up....?


You're a Birth Doula now, but you could be a:


  • Coach
  • Consultant
  • Concierge or
  • Course Creator


The possibilities are endless.


If this sounds juicy, drop "more info" in the comments below and I'll reach out. 😎




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