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People aren’t... not buying because your price is too high or because they don’t like you… They’re not buying because they don’t trust you (yet!)

They just found you on Instagram, like, yesterday, and you’re expecting them to make a four-figure investment all of a sudden?

If all you have on your menu is a high ticket offer…

Then that may be a tough sell to an ice-cold lead who’s never heard of you before and doesn’t even know what the fuck a doula is.

But let’s think about it this way:

If they’ve already bought one of your low ticket or introductory offers… (Ex: A mini course or 45-minute Maternity Consulting session)

Or even a mid-ticket offer (a VIP Day, perhaps?)

They’re gonna be WAY more open to the idea of ascending your product pyramid and investing in your premium offer.

You’ve already demonstrated your expertise, established authority, and built trust. They know you. They like you. Hell yeah. 

Now, instead of being ice-cold, they're Hot-n-Ready like Little Caesar's Pizza.

Fact is; people only buy from people they know, like, and trust.

You gotta warm them up.

People need proof that you can help them, and that you’re capable of getting them the results they desire.

So, give them a taste. 

Show them what you’re capable of, via those free, low and mid-ticket offers.

Disclaimer: Simply "expanding" your product suite isn’t enough!

There are tons of Doulas and birth pros out there with a 50-item product menu … and making ZERO MONEY.

The golden key that unlocks your profit potential: you have to have systems and workflows in place to ENSURE they ascend. 

You can’t just hope, (“fingers crossed!”) they’ll go from low to mid to high ticket offer; this needs to be strategically and intentionally engineered.

Otherwise, instead of having ONE thing that people aren’t buying… now you have 4 things that people aren’t buying. 

Expanding your product menu alone won’t increase revenue, or bring in more clients… but a strategic Offer Ecosystem and a Sales Funnel will. 

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