Why no one's buying, Part 1

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You think no one's buying because your price is too high, you don't have enough "certifications" or experience or whatever... but here are a few things I also want you to consider.




  • Maybe you haven't adequately conveyed the value, power, magic and beauty of what you do. You haven't compared their point A (where they are now) to their Point B (where they would be if they hired you).*this is a positioning/messaging issue

  • Maybe they just straight up… don't like you (tip: maybe that's because you're attracting the wrong people). This is pretty common, especially when you don’t know who your Caviar Clients are, and aren't pre-qualifying people before the consult. *this is a “people” issue (target market) 

  • Maybe you haven’t explained the real, actual, tangible, concrete benefits, results, outcome and transformation you provide. “I'll support you and we'll do two prenatal appointments” is not going to make anyone cream their panties.*this is a copywriting issue

  • Maybe they just don’t trust you enough (yet!) to buy from you, because they literally just met you today and you’re already asking for the sale.  *this is a marketing issue

  • Maybe your product looks, sounds and feels exactly like everything else out there and they’re just not inspired to buy; it doesn’t turn them on or make their nipples hard enough to actually hand over their credit card. *this is a product development and positioning issue

  • Maybe you're steady marketing to ice-cold prospects who aren't even “problem aware” i.e. people who aren’t invested in actively seeking a solution. *this is a “people” and a marketing issue combined

  • Maybe your price is TOO LOW and it's making people question how qualified you are and the kind of results you can help them get. People equate price with value, quality and results. 
  • (And then there's your Money Mindset, which, WOW… is whole 'nother blog…and probably at play as well) 


Long story short, when no ones buying that thing you sell, or folks have price objections, don't jump directly into discounting it or doubting your worth. Instead, dig deep into WHY people aren't buying. There are (seriously) a million and one reasons why people don't buy… pricing is just one of them and honestly, it's at the VERY bottom of the list. If the wrong people are sitting across the table from you during that consultation or if your product is lackluster… it'll ALWAYS be “too expensive”.


“I can't afford it” is the perfect, scapegoat, catch-all phrase someone will use when they just are not… pickin' up what you're puttin' down. 99% of the time it has NOTHING to do with the actual price tag.







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