Price Psychology

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Price psychology.

People equate price with quality, value and results.

This is why no one’s buying your thing that's at rock-bottom prices.

A cheap price (one that doesnt reflect the power, magic and beauty of the thing youre selling) tells folks in a subtle (or not so subtle way):

I’m new at this.

I’m not very good at this.

This won’t get you great results.

I lack confidence in my abilities.

This is how you repel premium clients.

When perceived value and actual price are not aligned, it confuses people.

They think:

Must be a scam.

Its like when you see a Craigslist ad for a BRAND NEW 2023 perfect condition Lexus for only $5,000.


And “cheap” is not a word you want ever want going through the mind of your audience.

An incredible thing at such a low price send up an immediate red flag. 

You dont want to “red flag” your audience!

Ask any doula and they’ll tell you a price increase comes with an increase in clientele.

Triple the price, triple the clients.

Cheap pricing turns away people who actually have money to blow.

Your price is a magnet.

Who are you attracting?



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