Pricing too low can fuck your customers. Here's how.

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Whatever industry you're in, your job is to get your customers THE BEST POSSIBLE RESULTS and help them achieve their desired transformation. 


Crazy thing is, pricing too low and can actually stand in the way of that. 


Here's how it happens:


You're a kind, generous, charitable, soulful person who wants to help all the humans.


So, you undercharge at baseline, then drastically discount the thing you sell. Shit, you probably undercharge, give them a discount, give them a super extended payment plan AND overdeliver.


Yes bitch, I got you pegged, lol.


Now, because the thing you sell is so very cheap, they don't have any incentive to show up, do the work or even use the features of the product or service.


They got no skin in the game.  


Now, because they don't show up and do the work... they don't see any results (obviously). They don't get the desired transformation.


Because they don't see any amazing results or get the desired transformation... they don't have anything great to say about you or the thing you sell. 


They don't become a raving ass fan.


In fact, they'll probably want a refund.


Or leave a bad review.


So you undercharged, gave a discount, gave an extended payment plan AND over delivered and now you've got a client who still isn't happy and wants a refund.


And it's not because you aren't GREAT at what you do!!


You just set your product at a price that screams:


There's no value here.


Translation: pricing too low can seriously fuck your clients (and you). 


We're here because we want to get our clients five-star, world-class INCREDIBLE RESULTS and help them achieve their dreams, hopes, and goals. 


We're here because our clients have pain points and problems we're well equipped to resolve.


Anything that stands in the way of our clients' success... well, we need to take a good hard look at that. 


Think about it: have you ever downloaded a freebie or purchased something super low ticket then NEVER logged in, never used the resource?


I know I have. 


I've also done the opposite. The best results I ever got came from enrolling in a program that reallyyyy stretched me financially. It didn't cause me financial self-harm, but I definitely had to save for it, budget for it, and manifest the funds for it. 


There were serious repercussions for me not showing up and doing the work (like money down the drain, duh). 


Ergo, I got some amazing results, lightning fast. Left a great review. Told all my friends. 


Anyway, you get the point. 


I'd love to hear your thoughts and ideas on this. Any insights you want to share? Do you have any questions? I always love hearing from you and hearing your perspective on things!

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