Your primal, feral, FUN, fucking bizarre + dangerously weird business



I'd like to ask you to settle into your body.


... and ask:


Where in your body is the deepest part of you in this moment?


The most divine?


Slowly bring your awareness to that spot and feel it.


Just sense it.


No words, just body sensory experience.


Tingling, temperature, sharpness, weight, ache...


Breathe into that experience and let it grow.


And grow more.


And expand even more - all the way.


Slowly begin to move your hands and body as an expression of that energy.


Allow a dancing movement to take you.


Go with it.


Let it dance you.


Lose your normal mind and become the dance.


What kind of person or being are you?


What shall we call you?


Tell your normal self what you are really here for.


You know them so well.


Tell her directly.


"This is why."


"This is what you need."


Write it down.


Say it out loud.


“I’m here because..."


"I really most truly need..."


(Words of David Bedrick)




I was inspired to share David's words with you because:


1.) Wow, aren't they just: YES

and also because


2.) I believe down to my bone-seed that "building a business"














Your "business" is just a vehicle for something else, which has this powerful desire to MOVE through you or be felt/expressed in some way. 


Figuring out what that "something else" is, is The Big Work.


I'm wondering if your business is just a vehicle or container for the part of yourself that longs to be expressed and seen and heard and enjoyed and valued and respected and held and deeply felt and experienced without shame.


I wonder if your "business" is your spirit spark in disguise. 


But why let it stay a disguise?


Why not proclaim ever so BOLDY (at least to yourself, to start with) that your business is (or has the potential to be) the purest expression of you, it's an art form, a pleasurable thing, a playful, light, easy and joyful thing, that's super fun and lovely and even dangerously weird at times?


Are you able to play with the idea that business can... be that?


Many of my clients and students are doulas, birth keepers, midwives, etc. who can talk all day about the potential birth holds, to be sensual, orgasmic even.


I firmly believe business can be sensual and orgasmic as well. 


Fuck, even washing the dishes.


Because ecstasy doesn't have rules, laws, and parameters.


So... yeah yeah yeah, as entrepreneurs, we can talk about planning and logistics and strategies and "SMART Goals" all day long (in fact, I kind of do talk about them all the time and will continue to do so). 


But moving into 2023 I feel more and more compelled to ALSO let my business be the wild, untamed, primal, feral, fucking bizarre, and pleasurable thing that it desires to be. 


Your business is shapeshifting and leaping and ever-evolving.


What will the next expression of your business feel like? Look like? Smell like? Taste like?


Will it feel like a prison or a playground?


Will it bring you immeasurable freedom?


Will it feel sexy expansive wonderful?


Will it make your nipples hard?


The difference between the two (prison or playground) won't be more








Instagram posts


mobile apps.


The difference between the two will be identifying how you most want to FEEL (yes, finding actual specific fucking adjectives, even ones that don't 100% make "sense")


Identifying what you most LONG FOR and DEEPLY DESIRE (go write it down now, without judging, editing, or censoring yourself)


And deciding firmly and wholeheartedly to build a business that supports those longings and feelings and desires.


Open the cage. 


Let the wild animal of your business leap free and join me inside Doula Biz From Scratch. 






PS: Drop a comment below and tell me how you most want your business to FEEL. 



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