Stuck in procrasti-learning mode

Are you stuck in…procrasti-learning mode??!

This is when you’re obsessed with knowledge accumulation and don't move into actual implementation. You never TAKE ACTION on the info you consume!
In fact, you avoid implementation and always default to learning more and more and more and more…
See, you can’t fail at learning. 

So that makes it a nice comfortable and easy and familiar place to stay at.
Talk about your comfort zone.
Continuing education is great, sure; ideally we are all lifelong students! 
But at some point, you gotta get OUT there and share that knowledge and wisdom and information with people!
Otherwise, what’s the hot dang point?!?
I mean at some point it’s even kind of self-centered in a way… You’re focused on improving your brain and knowledge base instead of actually getting out there and helping other people.
Enough with the mental masturbation, get out there and actually serve and support those people that you say you want to help. 
I also think… being in perpetual “LEARN” mode… is the most harmful form of procrastination. It’s so easy to rationalize and justify!
And it could also be a symptom of imposter syndrome. “I’m not ready to or capable of helping people unless I have a PhD level of knowledge”.

Closing the gap between information and implementation is the name of the game. 

There are no million-dollar ideas, only million-dollar actions. 

You know what you need to do, now go DO IT. 

Commit to your vision!

Big love,





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