Rapid success + true quantum leaps as a business owner require: Systems

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Want to know how to "collapse time" and jump to the top as quickly as possible?


I’m talking- jumping over everyone else in your industry, becoming successful, and achieving your business goals in 1/10th of the time it takes everyone else.  


Here’s how to do that:  


When going into a new industry, or even navigating your existing industry, a couple of questions you have to ask yourself are....  


Who’s already done this and been successful at it, and who’s already created the result that I want to achieve?  


And then you find that person and use that person‘s systems.  


That’s it.  


Because I’m willing to guess that right now you don’t have any systems. Maybe you don’t even know what systems are. Or that you need them. (FYI: Businesses are built on systems.)  


And for those of you that DO know the importance of systems and wish to create them, right now you’re in the "systems creating phase", which is taking forever... 


or you HAVE created systems but they don’t work/are broken. You’re starting to realize that the systems you do have in place suck and aren’t getting you any results.  


So, what if, right off the bat, right when you’re just starting out, someone just gave you their full, complete, proven systems?  


In other words, instead of starting off in "phase" 1 like 99.9% of doulas, you start off at phase 9? (Phase 10 being “completion”/“goal achieved”/“total success”.)  


My own coaching business has taken off with lightning speed and I wish that I could say it was because I was a bona fide genius or some extraordinary individual.  


The truth is, right when I started, I surrounded myself with other people who had already been there and done that. Other wildly successful business coaches.   


They taught me the right things to do, right away- so I didn’t have to waste my precious time, money, and energy creating all of my systems from scratch or trying to “figure everything out” by myself.   


No one has time for that! That can take f*cking years.  


I'm trying to make a difference in the world and in people's lives YESTERDAY, not years from now!  


Collapsing time and using someone else’s systems will be the difference between you reaching “phase 10” in 12 weeks... or 12 years.  


The truth is, I have complete and absolute faith that you can absolutely figure out how to run a successful Doula business all on your own without anybody’s help. Without my help.  


But honestly, why would you want to?  


Just because you "can" do it all alone, without any help, support or guidance doesn't mean you should... or that you want to. 


There are people out there looking for someone just like you today. There are people out there who need your love, energy, and support... right now. 


And every minute you spend "building your business" instead of actively SERVING the people you say you want to help... is time wasted.


Reach out to me when you're ready for the blueprint. All you have to do is comment below with the word,  "SYSTEMS" and I'll get right back to you. 


Signing off now...  


Your Cosmic Coach,





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