The seasons, cycles + resting phases of entrepreneurship



I see so many feminine entrepreneurs believe the hype...

They believe that...

  • They always need to be scaling/growing...
  • They always need to be getting bigger and better...
  • That there's always MORE they could and "should" do....
  • That they need to "expand" their menu
  • Work harder and faster


That the graph should always look like this:

I mean yes, there is a season for all that. Sure. Growth is fab. 


But seasons change.

If you want to grow a great business, it's important to understand which season you're in...

That's the golden key that most people won't tell you (or don't know). 

 The truth is, sometimes you need to grow and scale...

  • But sometimes you need to stay right where you're at, enjoy it, rest there, and stabilize...
  • Sometimes you gotta relax and do nothing (Yes... fucking. NOTHING. AT. ALL.)...
  • Sometimes you need to stay on course...other times wander about aimlessly...



Maybe it's time to trust your body compass, your heart
and the wisdom that isn't

In your mind.

That's so valuable and powerful.


And under-rated.

the season
and respect


There's a time for everything.



Like the birth journey, business doesn't happen in a linear, logical way. 

Like the birthing journey, the business journey is different for EVERYONE.


When your business "rests" sometimes we pathologize that. "Somethings wrong! Let's FIX it!" (Sometimes "fix" is code for "force")


But hey, isn't there a distinct "resting" phase in normal physiological labor?


Maybe your business is resting right now. 


No need to fix.


Just rest and flow.







PS: be softly where you are, yes?




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