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A quick search on Google yields over 25 BILLION hits for the word “time”.

In comparison…. more obvious topics of interest... like sex and money... rank just 8 billion and 10 billion, respectively.
In other words, TIME… and how to make the most of it, appears to be about five times more important to us than fucking or finances.
I  found that very surprising.... that we want “time” more than we want sex or money! 🤣
While I can’t help you with the sex part (uummm, I don’t think?!? Unless you're Jonathan Majors)... I can absolutely help with the Time and Money part. 😎
Those are two of the MOST fundamental aspects of my marketing mastermind and business coaching program, Doula Biz From Scratch.
Honestly, I think the truest marker of success is having more TIME.
Time freedom is true wealth.
That's why you'll become a Time Genius in Module #1 of Doula Biz From Scratch.
We'll create your minimalist 4-day, 25-hour work week.
We'll streamline, systematize, optimize, audit, and automate all of your business systems.
Because a lot of what you're doing in your business doesn't need to be done at all; it has no purpose, no ROI. It needs to be completely and totally eliminated/deleted.
The rest of it needs to be automated.
And what can't be automated should be delegated.
Then, all that's left over are tasks that allow you to operate in your absolute zone of joy and zone of genius.
You know; working with actual clients. 
Not playing secretary.
This is how you cut your work week in half.
Other things we'll do inside DBFS:
Define your Ultimate Life Vision and get crystal clear on your Ideal Lifestyle.
If your business isn't helping you fulfill your Ultimate Life Vision and live your Ideal Lifestyle... what's the
.... And that's just Module #1. 
If you're not in the mood for a whole ass coaching program, book a 90-minute Business Breakthrough with me here; they're "pay what you want" for a limited time. 
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