Shiny Object Syndrome + Fear = No Money


Fear, scarcity mindset + lack of faith in business can look like this:


I don't think my doula business will actually pop off, so I need to get trained in something else and add it to my menu. Being "just" a doula isn't "enough".


That second service/product probably won't generate much revenue either, so I think I'm going to get trained and certified in a third thing just in case and add that to my menu.


That probably won't....




"WTF, I offer 20 different services and products and I'm still not making any money!"


Big facts:


More products doesn't mean more money. More certifications doesn't mean more money.


Focusing on That One Big Sexy Thing, giving it 100% of your time, energy, and attention...


combined with a CONSISTENT, evidence-based marketing strategy that brings you great JOY.... now that's when you'll start seeing results!!


Shiny object syndrome and an inability to nurture something until it fully blooms.... may be what's holding you back.


Babe, it's time to focus on The One Thing.


One Ideal Client.


One Product.


One marketing strategy.


Time to simplify and commit.


Eliminate distractions.


What might happen if you quit switching gears?


What's that one big sexy project you can get LASER focused on, and give your undivided attention to?


Let me know in the comments below!








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