Understanding Your Target Market: Demographics VS. Psychographics

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Let's talk about what will REALLY, actually, truly make that needle MOVE LIKE HELL in your doula business.  


Noooooope, it’s not some new tech, software, system, or even strategy. Although you KNOW I’m all about that.  


But what will get you real results, real fast is way more basic than that. This is one of those rare times where being a basic bitch is actually a good thing. 🤣


And here it is, babes, tattoo it on your forehead....  


The needle mover is: a very thorough and intimate understanding of your target audience.  


Understanding that your audience/target market/potential clients/followers are real, living, breathing human beings…  


They have heartbeats.  


And stressors.  












Fears, hopes, and dreams.  




Because if you don’t, you’re not a marketer. Or a good one, anyway.  


All too often, when it comes to "understanding your target market" business owners think that means demographics (age, income level, ethnicity, level of education). But PSYCHOGRAPHICS are even more important. This means knowing your audience on a soul level. 


Demographics = who they are


Psychographics = why they buy


What keeps them up at night?


What story are they telling themselves? What transformation are they seeking? 


You gotta go deep.


Moving on. :)


A huge focus on what I teach and preach (and what every business owner/doula needs to know) is how to effectively attract leads. (FYI, "Leads" = potential clients.) 


Talking to leads.  


Converting leads.  


You have to attract, entice and engage them.  


Today, I need you to get very…. curious.  


Curious about the people you want to help.  


Curious about what they need and want.  


What they desperately need help with.  


What you can do to make their life better, easier, less painful.  


🎉🎉 When you truly understand "WHO" then you'll be able to create a five-star, world-class, solutions-based product that people will go ga-ga ape shit over and WANT to pay premium prices for. 


🎉🎉 When you truly understand "WHO", then you'll be able to easily and effortlessly craft marketing content that captivates and converts.


"WHO?" is one of the most critical and foundational questions of business.


Knowing "WHO?" is 100% the difference between "no one buys what I'm selling"  😢 and "I NEED TO HIRE A TEAM BECAUSE I CAN'T HANDLE ALL THESE CLIENTS BY MYSELF" 😎





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