The Magic of "The 80/20 Rule"

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I recently applied the 80/20 rule to EVERY system of my business and the results have been incredible.


Here's what the 80/20 rule means, in a nutshell: 


80% of your results (the majority!) are due to just... 20% of your actions.


Here are a few examples of what that can look like in a business:


  • 80% of your clients and revenue come from just 20% of your marketing efforts.

  • 80% of blog traffic comes from just 20% of blogs.

  • 80% of entrepreneurial stress comes from just 20% of tasks.


In other words, roughly 80% of consequences come from 20% of causes. See; a small percentage of causes have an outsized effect. This concept is important to understand because it can help you identify which things to prioritize so you can make the MOST impact with the LEAST EFFORT. 


Figure out what that magical, important, needle-moving 20% is… and you can pretty much throw everything else in the trash. 


You can even apply this to your personal life. For example:


  • 80% of the time, I only use about 20% of the essential oils that I own. I have a lot of EO's…. but I tend to just use 2-3 over and over again.

  • I wear 20% of my clothes, 80% of the time. I have LOADS of clothes, but on an average day, I tend to throw on the same yoga pants and tank tops, and shoes.

  • 80% of the time, I eat at the same 20% of restaurants.

  • I read the same 20% of books to my kids 80% of the time. Seriously, I can recite “The Gruffalo” and "There's a Bear in my Chair”.


Another way of looking at it is this: 80% of the shit you're doing in your business on a daily basis has little to no impact on your bottom line. Only 20% of what you're doing is REALLY moving the needle and getting you results. IDENTIFY WHAT THE 20% IS. FOCUS ON THAT.


Here's the “Behind The Scenes” of all of this:


  • I had a shitload of social media graphics. I threw 80% of them in the digital trash because I tend to use the same 20% over and over again. So, why have all that useless digital clutter?

  • I had a ton of website pages. Only 20% of those pages are actually important to my clients and bottom line. I deleted the erroneous pages. BOOM. Clutter. Gone.

  • I figured out that of all the topics I could possibly talk about, my clients only care about 20% of those topics. So, that really helped me narrow down what to create content around.

  • I had a bazillion ideas for products and services for 2023. But then I got clear on what small percentage of those were GREAT fucking ideas that totally turned me on and actually had income potential. Threw the other ones in the trash.

  • I figured out the 20% of people, things, and actions that generate 80% of my happiness. :)

  • I got clear on the 20% of things that generate 80% of my stress.

  • And there were like 50 other things I applied the 80/20 rule to but I think you get the idea and I don't want to bore you to death.




  • Less options, therefore less decision fatigue and stress over “what to do”

  • Less options, therefore less cognitive overload and stress

  • Less clutter, therefore more SPACE (physical, digital, mental and otherwise)

  • More clarity

  • More ease

  • More money

  • More clients


Keywords here: simplicity, minimalism, focus.




Do a few things, very well, and it's like strapping a rocket to your biz. Heck yeah. 5 stars highly recommend. 








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