"If you don't believe it will happen, you won't take the steps necessary to get there."

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I want to tell you one of my all-time favorite sayings. Are you ready? Brace yourself, because here it is and it's a fuckin' doozy:


"If you don't believe it will happen, you won't take the steps necessary to get there."



(Read that again 'til it sinks in real good...)


In simple terms... if you don't believe you can hike up a hill... you won't even start walking toward it.


And because you didn’t even start walking toward the hill, obviously, there’s no way you’re ever going to get UP it.




You’ve ALREADY firmly decided it’s not possible... so why even make the attempt? 🤷🏻‍♀️


I want you to make a lil list of all the things you’ve firmly decided “JUST CAN’T HAPPEN” for you. Seriously though, go get pen and paper and do the work.



“I can’t...”


“I could never...”


“It’s not possible for me to...”


“I don’t...”


“I shouldn’t…”




And you know, it's easy for us to spot limiting beliefs in OTHER people. Like that client who says:


"Ugh, I could NEVER have an unmedicated birth!"


"The women in my family just can't breastfeed, we don't make enough milk"


(Notice the words "never", "can't, "don't"...)




For me it used to be:


“I can’t find a babysitter... so I can’t work on my biz.”

"I could NEVER make "X" amount of money as a doula"

“I suck at managing my finances”.

“I don’t have enough time to  ____”.

“I’ll never be able to afford ____.”




When you find yourself speaking in dreary absolutes like this (never, can't, don't, etc), it’s time to pause and ask yourself: “Is this an actual, real, eternal FACT... or have I just been repeating this old ass story over and over again and for so long that it feels like truth (even though it ain’t)?”



NOTE: If it’s self-defeating/self-deprecating and negative... it's probably NOT TRUE.


Now, I’m not saying you need to LIE to yourself with that positive thinking bullshit 🤣 but here’s a way to reframe it:


“I’m having a real hard time finding a babysitter/time to work on my biz but I KNOW I’ll eventually be able to find a creative solution.”


“I’m not too great at handling my finances, but I bet I could learn to be... if I really truly wanted to. It's a skill I can learn.”


“I want to invest in ____ so bad, I BET I could manifest the money for it if I actually, truly tried.” (Instead of saying “I’m broke/can’t afford it” like a broken record).


With the positive reframing, you're like, “yeah- this is difficult but I KNOW I have the smarts/resources/ingenuity to create/ find/generate a solution!”


“Nothing can harm you as much as your own thoughts unguarded.” - Buddha


The first step is to start becoming aware of the stories you keep telling yourself. 


We all have internal scripts that play like broken records. Looping negative thoughts. Shit that's carved deep into our neural pathways.


Some of these scripts keep us trapped, limited, and stuck.


Start noticing them.


Now, some of these scripts are positive and can motivate us, like a kick-ass life or business coach whispering inspiring, loving things in your ear 24/7.


Your scripts are your responsibility.



Whatever you tell yourself isn't possible.... isn't fucking possible.



But when you firmly decide that nothing's actually "impossible" for you....



Well, that's how you become gd limitless.



So Much Love,






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