Unlimited support, redefined

Let's talks about offering "unlimited support" to your clients.


A few facts:


  • Unlimited doesn’t necessarily mean 24/7/365 support.
  • Unlimited doesn’t necessarily mean “immediate” support.
  • Unlimited doesn’t mean “without any kind of parameters whatsoever”.


Unlimited support can mean (just for example): “You can reach out to me as many times as you want to using these communication channels (insert comm channels here). I’ll respond to communications Monday through Friday, 9 AM until 5 PM and I'll need two business days to get back to you. Also, I don’t work on national holidays."


Clarification: For doulas, midwives and birth pros,YES, they can contact you at 3am- or whenever-  if they're in labor (or even think they're in labor). Yes, of course, but that's a special exception. 


The message here is that you shouldn't feel obligated to respond to any and all communications at any time of day…. every single day of the week…. immediately upon being contacted. That's just insane. And likely why you’re burnt out as an entrepreneur. Your brain is never OFF!! 


If you’re gonna literally be available to someone 24/7/365 every day of the year, at anytime day or night (I would never recommend it)… Shiiiit, I would charge TOP TOP dollar for that.



Anyway, drop a comment and let me know if you feel RELIEVED from reading this! :)



PRO-TIP: In your contract, be very explicit about what your unique type of “unlimited support” means and what it doesn't mean. It's up to you to create clear guidelines and expectations. Think about what suits you, your lifestyle, and your unique business model. 


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