Why you hate marketing (+ what to do about it)

marketing mindset

The #1 reason you hate marketing is likely because you have no idea what marketing actually is.


When you reframe marketing as simply "sharing my thoughts + magic + heart wisdom with the people I care about" instead of SELLING and trying to GET something from those people... marketing will feel more pleasurable and easeful.


Once it feels more lovely and easeful and playful then you'll WANT to do it.


Once you WANT to market (and take great JOY in it!)... your audience will FEEL that.


When  they feel that, they'll want to connect, work with you, learn more....!! 


Fact is, your audience can feel how much you love (or hate) marketing.


Your marketing has an energetic signature.


And your audience is totally picking up that.


  • They can tell if you created a piece of content because you love and care about them and truly want to help/connect/build an authentic relationship. 

  • They can tell if you're enthusiastic, passionate, excited about your offer!

  • They can also tell if you're bored, lack confidence, feel awkward, needy or desperately trying to make a sale. 


What's your attitude/energy/intention/mood when you sit down to create content?


Are you playfully and joyfully sharing what's on your mind, because you know it can help them?


Are you telling them how many spots you have left in your program so you can play on their fears and scare them into booking a consult?


Think about it like this; if you don't love your OWN marketing, how can you expect them to?!?


Most of your marketing woes will dissolve once you realize what marketing actually is (and what it's not).


Most people think marketing = selling = promoting.


But, they're 3 different words.... for a reason! They have 3 completely different meanings.


Truth: Marketing = Connecting = Loving = Understanding


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