Your offer isn't going to magically sell itself 🪄


Whats holding you back from talking about your amazing, life-changing, transformational product or service…. ALL THE GOTDANG TIME?! 


Are you joyfully telling the world what you do/how you can help them and what you offer 24/7… or are you keeping it on the low low… and hoping, fingers crossed, that they'll magically discover you?


  • Are you holding back from talking about it… because your offer doesn’t turn you on/ doesn’t inspire you? This can happen if your offer is generic, boring or vague. People naturally love (and easily talk about) the things that turn them on. People WILL NOT yammer on about things that bore them to death. If your offer doesn't give you W.A.P., it'll be nearly impossible to talk about it/sell it. 
  • Are you holding back because it feels awkward/sales-y?
  • Maybe deep down you're worried that people will think you're a douchebag for talking about your offer?
  • Are you holding back because you simply… don't know what to say?
  • Are you holding back because your offer/sales page/website isn't finished or “perfect” yet?
  • Are you holding back because you honestly just forget to post; maybe you don't have a system or a schedule for consistent content creation/posting?
  • Because you’re afraid if you mention it again, you’ll be bothering people or annoying them?
  • Maybe deep down, you really don’t want to sell it because you’ve stuffed it so full of features that the idea of having to actually show up and provide all those deliverables fills you with dread?
  • Maybe on some level, you know you’ve priced it too low… and that you’d be working your fingers to the bone for next to nothing?
  • Maybe deep down, this isn’t really, truly what you want to be doing with your life? You have an offer you’re trying to force yourself to like, instead of something that organically puts you in your zone of joy and zone of genius. Maybe you're trying to FORCE yourself to be a birth doula, when you know you're really meant to be a childbirth educator (or vice versa).
  • Maybe deep down, you know that the way your offer is structured IS NOT facilitating your ideal lifestyle. Example: You're on call 24/7/365 when you REALLY want to have passive income/ a virtual service and a WFA (work from anywhere) lifestyle.


The fact is: Your offer isn't going to miraculously sell itself. 


Luck and hope (which you've probably been relying on up until this point)… well, that's not a sane, long term or sustainable business strategy. 


Sometimes the only thing standing in between you and truckloads of abundance and ease… Is your ability and willingness to talk about the thing you offer; consistently, enthusiastically and joyfully. 


I'm talking about marketing.


But not just any marketing. Marketing that's actually FUN, easy, NOT time-consuming and gets you incredible, mind-blowing results. Marketing that feels as natural as walking or breathing. Marketing that your audience fuckin' LOVES, values, and gobbles up like a bag of Chester's Hot Fries. (No? Just me? Ok.)


Marketing that feels like a true, honest-to-God, full-bodied FUCK YASSSS (instead of something you… UGH, “have to do" to get clients)



Anyway, fabulous news is, whatever you may have going on in your biz that's not working- we can figure it out. No shit- everything… in life AND business is 100% fixable and figureout-able.


I repeat: It's all fixable and figureout-able. 


On the most basic level; you're simply either missing a business system or using a broken system.


That's it. No biggie. Easy fix.


Anyway, let me say this before I go; you have God-given magical gifts. You have the medicine the world needs to heal. There are people out there who desperately need the love and wisdom that you have to offer.


And they would adore and deeply value your help, support and guidance. They're looking for someone just like you, right now, in this actual fucking moment. 


But right now there are big “business boulders” standing in between you and those people. I'm standing by with my bulldozer when you're ready to move them. 







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