Consistently Sell Your Premium Birth Doula Package Without the Stress of Social Media

Apply for the Doula Biz From Scratch waitlist below and we'll send you our exclusive masterclass teaching you exactly how our clients consistently and easily sell one-of-a-kind, premium doula packages using completely automated sales funnels.



About how to design, deliver, price, market, and sell your Birth Doula service is outdated, ineffective, time-consuming, stressful, and just plain WRONG. The 4 part Freedom Framework we developed is ass-backward and upside down from what everyone else is doing, saying, and teaching... and that's exactly why it works.

TRUTH BOMB: You can consistently and easily sell a unique, high-value Doula offering at premium prices (and enjoy a luxurious amount of financial freedom)... while also serving and supporting under-resourced communities. You don't have to choose one over the other! It's time to evolve past this kind of binary thinking and embrace the fact that you can be wealthy as fuck... while also being a charitable, generous, compassionate, kind-hearted, soulful servant to your community.

You don't have to suffer to serve. You don't have to live in scarcity to be "spiritual". Depletion isn't a marker of success. On some level, I know you already feel this in your heart... and I bet you're ready for a more playful, joyful, easeful, pleasurable business model. Great news! Our method is highly intuitive, super FUN, confidence-building, powerfully yin, and designed to get you massive ROI... ASAP. 


Bethany Erby

THIS IS THE BEST INVESTMENT YOU CAN MAKE! Sitting with the expert, gaining clarity, getting real-time feedback, and walking away with a clear plan of action is worth its weight in gold!

Tiffany Goedeken

The first module surrounding mental limits and abundance mindset was incredible. I love the concept of approaching this business from a soul space…. Melynda is the go-to for stepping into your power as a birth professional!


Enrollment for the next sprint/kick-off of Doula Biz From Scratch closes on October 31st. Apply for the waitlist now to get all the info about the program and how it works (the curriculum, bonuses, investment, features, key dates, and more) so you can start planning today!


Is our implementation accelerator and mastermind for aspiring and advanced doulas, midwives and birth pros who want a luxurious amount of time, location, financial and emotional freedom. Inside Doula Biz From Scratch we teach you how to: 


✅ Design, deliver, market, price and sell a unique, high-value Birth Doula service (one your soulmate clients will absolutely love and WANT to pay premium prices for) 

✅ Develop a simple, automated, evergreen sales system that fills your calendar with consultations while you sleep

✅ Master The Art of the Consultation (Hint: Consultation success has ZERO to do with "convincing", manipulating or using sleazy sales tactics)

✅ Design a spacious CEO calendar (because ample free time is the ultimate luxury)

✅  Create an authentic and aligned marketing strategy, website, and brand that looks and feels like YOU

✅  Identify and magnetize your Soul Mate Clients (these are the people you have a particular GENIUS for serving, because you understand them better than anyone else!)

✅ WOW your clients at every touch point with a bespoke customer journey experience that leaves them feeling seen, heard and inspired

✅ Serve and support more people, more powerfully



... without sacrificing your values


... without having to be on social media all-day


... and without being chained to your laptop or glued to your cell phone 




I created Doula Biz From Scratch to show you how to design and deliver one-of-a-kind, premium Birth Doula offerings in a way that's so fun, simple, and easy, it may just blow your mind! 

WHAT MOTIVATES ME: Every day, I see countless visionary doulas, midwives and birth pros (with incredible amounts of passion, talent, wisdom, and love) embark on a mission to change lives, heal the maternal healthcare system and share the message of conscious, autonomous birth with the world…. But those goals aren't reached and their message never gets shared to its fullest potential because they’re stumped by the logistics of business planning, product development, pricing, marketing, and branding. 

Our mission is to remove all those logistical roadblocks and technical headaches for you, so you can focus on what you do best; serving and supporting families during the childbearing year!

Isha Lambkin

I started the program in June and very soon after, the clients and opportunities began trickling in. Then in the second month of the program, I earned more money than I have ever made in my entire life! I landed an awesome client and made $10,000 in July alone!  My mind is still blown!

Ivania Montero

Melynda's coaching style and program was exactly what I needed to get my  business to where I've been wanting since becoming a Birth Keeper years ago. Her mentorship taught me how to dig deep within myself and I finally feel aligned with my offerings and feel the connections with those I support. I am no longer afraid to share with my clients the deep connection I have with my ancestors. My offerings are now a reflection of this and I am able to show up for my clients in a powerful way.  Melynda is a genius and she will help you transform your business exactly the way you've always wanted.

Kilah Lawson

If you're a birth worker looking to scale and grow your business, you should have hired Melynda Smith like, yesterday. Within weeks of working with her I sold my first high ticket package. She knows her stuff, her advice is A1 and her resources are practical. Doula Biz From Scratch helped me to learn how to stand apart in my field and gave me the confidence and resources that I needed to build my brand and grow my business! The resources given were practical in helping me grow my business--specifically building my website, determining my ideal client, and marketing to my ideal client. The content also helped me to get clear on the services I need to provide to my clients and how to price them. The work to price packages really helped me to be intentional about setting my financial goals!

Kemeera Nimahat

I'm truly grateful for Melynda. When I say she knows her shit I MEAN IT! I love the fact that she's a former birth worker; the insights she provides are spot on and applicable. If you need systems, she's your girl. If you need to be pushed to think big and help you set tangible steps to reach your goal, she's your girl. She's hilarious, committed, and provides soooooo much value. After rolling out the new packages and revamping my approach to consults, I was surprised to see how many people didn't even flinch at the investment of the new packages. I was pushed and encouraged to really think about my unique selling proposition, core identity, who I want to serve & more. It was refreshing to be able to stand out and celebrate what makes Our Mother’s Light different from everyone else. I launched 3 new packages during the program! They're much more robust and tap into my West African knowledge as well as my dance background!

Dr. Sierra Bizzell

Confidence! I just quoted two people at $3,000 for my lowest package. I would never have done that before working with you. Thank you for teaching me to charge based on the amount of work that I'm doing and not being afraid because there are people who are willing to pay it.

Natasha Wright

Melynda, you have crafted a heartfelt, comprehensive, and truly activating program for any person to use to launch and sustain their desired lifestyle with the appropriate systems. I love the energy you bring to the course.  You are a gem and I am so excited to take off and soar. I love the way you compassionately supported me through this course. To any doula or service pro, this course program is a solid fit!  Melynda nails her assignment as teacher, guide, and mentor. You will leave this course a lot happier, a lot more prepared, and a lot more paid!! August was my highest-grossing month since I became a business owner.

Nichelle Craig

I loved the Doula Biz From Scratch program. I learned so much and built structures into my business that makes life easier. I sold my first high-ticket doula package and two mid-ticket packages. I created a system for receiving payments! I learned that being you is the REAL marketing strategy. I am consistently attracting my business desires since this course!

Kim Mar

I made a whole webinar ahhhh! Never thought I could’ve done it. I’m super proud! I also revamped my ENTIRE WEBSITE! It’s so “me” now! Get your whole business life right with Melynda! I'm particularly so glad I was able to hunker down on all the back-end admin side of my business. There's a whole world to entrepreneurship that I never even knew I needed before this!