The Total Client Experience Bundle  

Impress new and prospective clients at every touchpoint and WOW them from start to finish with this stylish, professionally designed Services & Pricing Guide, New Client Welcome Kit and Goodbye Packet. 


First (middle and last) impressions matter. With your Total Client Experience Bundle, you'll be able to confidently and easily:


  • Attract and impress curious prospects (ideal clients!) with your professionally designed Services and Pricing Guide
  • Onboard new clients in an exciting way with a stylish New Client Welcome Guide
  • Elevate your brand image with a cohesive aesthetic
  • Discover your client's dreams, hopes and goals with an in depth Welcome Survey
  • Enjoy raving reviews, referrals and re-hires from your gorgeous Goodbye Packet
  • Craft a unique and memorable customer journey experience
  • Stand out from your colleagues and set yourself apart from others in your industry
  • Send custom Invoices and Contracts 
  • Streamline and automate your client workflow and cut out hours of mindless administrative work
  • Bring your contracts to close in an unforgettable way
  • Say "farewell" to clients in a way that leaves a positive and lasting impression

... and so much more!

Services & Pricing Guide

You never get a second chance to make a great first impression. This Services & Pricing Guide is a unique and memorable way to introduce potential clients to your company and your offerings, and get them warmed up and primed to buy before that complimentary consultation even takes place!


Client Survey & Welcome Guide

Congrats on your new client! Now it's time to send them their New Client Welcome Guide and Client Survey. This will tell them how your service works, what to expect and how to stay in touch. With the Client Survey, you'll also be able to get valuable feedback regarding what they hope to achieve during the course of your contract.


Goodbye Packet

Now it's time to say farewell to your amazing clients. With your Goodbye Packet, you'll be able to collect reviews, inspire referrals and improve your retention rate. This packet was intentionally designed to leave them with a positive and lasting impression so you can end your contract in a memorable way.



Feel free to edit and customize these gorgeous Canva templates to match your brand aesthetic


Professionally designed, stylish, cohesive and intentionally designed to elevate your brand image


Easy to use; even if you're an absolute beginner or don't think you're "tech savvy"

Here's what you'll get


Services & Pricing Guide

  • 3 guide cover variations
  • 2 table of contents pages
  • 8 welcome and meet the team pages
  • 4 guide section cover variations
  • 6 portfolio pages
  • 6 case study and testimonial pages
  • 10 price list and signature package pages
  • 7 project process and timeline pages
  • 4 client homework and Q&A pages
  • 2 terms & conditions and contact pages
  • 3 final call to action pages

New Client Welcome Kit

  • 3 cover page variations
  • 1 table of contents page
  • 4 section cover variations
  • 8 welcome, meet the team and guide pages
  • 6 “what to expect” and resource pages
  • 10 project details and deliverables pages
  • 9 client homework and survey pages
  • 3 FAQ pages and “what’s next” pages
  • 1 payment options page
  • 4 terms and client contract pages
  • 1 client invoice

Goodbye Packet

  • 3 cover page variations
  • 4 thank you and gift pages
  • 6 project or service recap pages
  • 2 “download your assets” pages
  • 6 useful resources pages
  • 2 FAQ pages
  • 8 feedback request and questionnaire pages
  • 2 additional services pages
  • 2 referral program pages
  • 1 call to action page
  • 4 invoice page and client contract pages


($97 value, yours free!)

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Hey, I'm Melynda Smith (your new Biz Bae!) and I help doulas and birth pros like you...

develop the CEO level skills, strategies and systems they need to skyrocket their income, attract their dream clients (on auto-pilot), powerfully serve their community and grow a business with intention. I created this biz bundle to help you elevate your brand and develop a bold online presence so you can create a strong, positive impression on new and prospective clients. Feel free to edit and customize these digital delights any way you wish. I'm giving you full permission to be bold, creative, unique and authentic. Your dream clients are out there looking for someone just like you right now, so let's get busy!



  • Services & Pricing Guide ($97 value)
  • New Client Welcome Kit ($97 value)
  • Goodbye Packet ($97 value)
  • Instagram Creator ($97 value, yours free)