an intimate 3-month business + marketing mastermind for Birth Doulas who desire time freedom and a consistent flow of perfect fit, premium clients


✅ Everything you need to create, launch and consistently sell your premium doula package on autopilot using an evergreen sales funnel

✅ Access to our advanced marketing strategies so you can blog, podcast, send emails + host webinars like a pro

✅ The DBFS Mastermind community full of radical CEO's on your same journey

✅ FREE bonus gifts (valued at over $10,000)

✅ 12-week Implementation Accelerator so you can build (or re-build) your doula business ASAP

🎉 PAY IN FULL BONUS: Private Business Breakthough with Melynda Smith



share the message of conscious, autonomous, family-centric birth with the world

serve and support a steady stream of perfect-fit (soul mate!) dream clients

and become the CEO of your blissful life + biz?!



And I bet you're totally exhilarated from having just finished your birth doula training and want a clear, step-by-step proven roadmap for achieving your big sexy business goals ASAP. You don't want to waste your time, money and energy trying to figure out things the "trial and error" way!

OR YOU'RE... A seasoned doula who KNOWS there's got to be an easier, better, less stressful way to run a business. Maybe you're depleted; emotionally, mentally, physically, and financially. You're READY to have a business that's more easeful, playful, joyful, and profitable. You're READY for a premium business uplevel and a CEO GLOW UP. You've hit a plateau and are wondering; WHAT'S NEXT?



Your calling, soul mission, higher purpose and sincere PASSION is to facilitate undisturbed, autonomous, family-centric birth experiences and lovingly guide and support parents during the childbearing year, but right now you're...


✦ Thinking that being “just” a Birth Doula isn’t enough and constantly investing in more trainings and certifications… without seeing any increase in visibility or profitability


✦ Jumping from one project/goal/task to the next without ever bringing anything to completion; you've got loads of half-cooked and abandoned projects


✦ Suddenly realizing you’ve been doing all the wrong things, the wrong way, in the wrong order (because it’s your first time running a business and you don’t know what you’re supposed to do, why, when, or how)


✦ Opening up your laptop to “work” but not having any specific system, strategy, plan, or goal in mind… then wondering why you aren’t productive and can’t seem to make progress


✦ Charging, doing, and saying exactly what all the other birth pros are- then wondering why you can’t stand out from the noise and get seen/heard/hired


✦ Wondering if it’s actually possible to make a real living wage as a birth keeper or maternity professional


✦ Having an existential dilemma when it comes to pricing your services, asking for/receiving money, "charging your worth" or managing finances in general


✦ Assuming that adding yet another service or product to your menu is the missing piece (it ain't)


✦ Losing motivation and wondering if you’re crazy for thinking “someone like you” could ever be a wildly successful entrepreneur 


✦ Wondering if there's a way to reconcile your NEED to create income, pay bills and support your family… with your desire to make your offerings as affordable and accessible as possible (there's actually a beautiful solution to this, I swear!)

How do I know all this? No, I'm not a magical mind reader... (ok, maybe a bit of one)... it's just that I've absolutely been there, done that, got the t-shirt. And the t-shirt is covered in vernix and coffee because #DoulaLife




A very simple, fun and EASY marketing strategy that magnetizes your dream clients and positions you as the GO-TO specialist in your niche


A world-class, stand-out, authentic brand that looks and feels like YOU (instead of a boring, cookie cutter, carbon copy of the doula next door) 


An elevated wealth consciousness that allows you to attract, manifest and receive money without feeling like a piece of shit (b/c you realize abundance is your birthright and all healthy, symbiotic relationships require reciprocity)


A completely UNIQUE "never seen anything like it" doula package that people WANT to pay premium prices for, because it offers something no one else can (your inimitable blend of brilliance, knowledge, passion, lived wisdom, skills, and personal experience)


The opportunity to quit your unfulfilling 9-5 job (or your part-time gig) and only do what lights you up and fills your cup


Simple, automated tech systems that run your business for you, so you aren’t glued to your laptop doing mundane admin tasks 24/7/365 (You're a CEO, not a secretary!)


 A super-efficient, ultra-productive daily routine so you know exactly what to do, why, and when to quickly meet and exceed your big sexy life and business goals 


A macroscopic, birds-eye view of your entire business eco-system and how all the pieces fit together as an organic whole


Automated, evergreen sales funnels that drop a steady stream of dream clients off at your front door (not literally though, 'cause that'd be super weird)


The deep satisfaction that comes from knowing you're doing the right things, in the right order, right away... and avoiding the "trial and error" and "what the hell am I doing" stage that so many new doulas get stuck in


A gorgeous, professional 24/7 client-attracting, sales-generating website (one that actually turns clicks into clients!)


A life and business that feel easeful, spacious, and playful


Knowing exactly what to do on a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly basis to keep your business running like a well-oiled machine


An evolved and powerfully yin way of looking at finances, marketing, branding, and business

INTRODUCING (drumroll, please)


an intimate 3-month business + marketing mastermind for Birth Doulas who desire time freedom and a consistent flow of perfect fit, premium clients

✦ the nitty gritty


DOULA BIZ FROM SCRATCH is a world-class, 3-month business + marketing mastermind for Birth Doulas who're ready for data-driven (ya know, EVIDENCE-BASED) marketing strategies and a steady stream of dream clients. My results-proven business-building process is simple, soulful, strategic, and a helluva lot of fun. The truth is, becoming a maternity pro and building a values-focused business is one of the most exciting adventures you'll ever go on. But bringing your passion/vision to life doesn't have to feel heavy, confusing, isolating, or take years to fulfill! I created DOULA BIZ FROM SCRATCH so you can become a booked-out birth pro quickly, easily, and confidently... without the depletion, confusion, and burn-out.

Isha Lambkin

Very early in the coaching program, there was a shift in my relationship with, attitude towards, and acceptance of abundance. I finally saw myself as worthy and trusted that the higher powers would take care of me and give me everything I need and even more! During the course of this program I was able to more than triple my income, connect with my inner self and figure out my true calling. I have grown and learned so much! When I signed up for Doula Biz From Scratch I had been out of work for months and I was near the last of my savings, and I was afraid, but deep inside I knew that this would be the best investment I could make. In the second month of the program I earned more money than I have ever made in my entire life! I made $10,000 in July alone! My mind is still blown!

Natasha Wright

Melynda, you have crafted a heartfelt, comprehensive, and truly activating program for any person to use to launch and sustain their desired lifestyle… I love the energy you bring to the course.  You're a gem and I'm so excited to take off and soar. I love the way you compassionately supported me through this course. To any doula… this program is a solid fit!  Melynda nails her assignment as teacher, guide, and mentor. You'll leave this course a lot happier, a lot more prepared, and a lot more paid! I hit over $5000 for the last two months and August was my highest grossing month since I became a business owner.



DBFS is ass backward and upside down from what everyone else is doing, saying and teaching... and that's exactly why it works. There are tons of business and marketing programs on the market today, but Doula Biz From Scratch was created for PEOPLE LIKE YOU (soul led, paradigm shifting, status quo shaking, radical birth keepers) who want to serve as many families as possible, as powerfully as possible... without sacrificing their values, going broke or getting burned out.  




your ideal customers with automated sales funnels so you have a consistent flow of highly qualified leads


from the crowd by building a unique, attractive, trustworthy and authentic brand that feels like YOU!


consistent, reliable, predictable  income so you can escape that stressful “feast or famine” cycle


smart systems + daily workflows that save you time, money + hours of mindless administrative work


your website from a boring brochure into a gorgeous 24/7/365 marketing machine that turns clicks into clients


who you are + the value of what you do so well that people can’t wait to work with you + WANT to pay premium prices


Melynda's coaching style and program was exactly what I needed to get my  business to where I've been wanting since becoming a Birth Keeper years ago. Her mentorship taught me how to dig deep within myself and I finally feel aligned with my offerings and feel the connections with those I support. I am no longer afraid to share with my clients the deep connection I have with my ancestors. My offerings are now a reflection of this and I am able to show up for my clients in a powerful way.  Melynda is a genius and she will help you transform your business exactly the way you've always wanted. I had a consultation last night with my ideal client they hired me on the spot with my high ticket doula package! I cannot thank you enough Melynda for sharing your passion and your wisdom. Your program and mentorship was exactly what I needed. It gave me the confidence to see the value in myself and the value in the work that I do.


If you're a birthworker looking to scale and grow your business, you should have hired Melynda Smith like, yesterday. Within weeks of working with her I sold my first high ticket package. She knows her stuff, her advice is A1 and her resources are practical. Doula Biz From Scratch helped me to learn how to stand apart in my field and gave me the confidence and resources that I needed to build my brand and grow my business! The resources given were practical in helping me grow my business--specifically building my website, determining my ideal client, and marketing to my ideal client. The content also helped me to get clear on the services I need to provide to my clients and how to price them. The work to price packages really helped me to be intentional about setting my financial goals!



Everything you need to start and scale your holistic birth doula business today — without all the noise of everything you don’t. Here's a taste of what you'll learn:

Kemeera Nimahat

I'm truly grateful for Melynda. When I say she knows her shit I MEAN IT! I love the fact that she's a former birth worker; the insights she provides are spot on and applicable. If you need systems, she's your girl. If you need to be pushed to think big and help you set tangible steps to reach your goal, she's your girl. She's hilarious, committed, and provides soooooo much value. After rolling out the new packages and revamping my approach to consults, I was surprised to see how many people didn't even flinch at the investment of the new packages. My mid-tier package is the most popular! I loved working on my packages and brand identity. I was pushed and encouraged to really think about my unique selling proposition, core identity, who I want to serve & more. It was refreshing to be able to stand out and celebrate what makes Our Mother’s Light different from everyone else. I launched 3 new packages during the program! They're much more robust and tap into my West African knowledge as well as my dance background!

Aisha Jones

The first day of meeting with Melynda started my transformational business journey. My passion for supporting families was being weighed down by my lack of business sense, marketing and branding. Melynda immediately came in and taught me how to stop working harder and work smarter, so I could spend more time doing what I loved and that’s working with mothers! She helped me bring my business alive digitally so that I could be seen by my community as a reliable, professional and relatable resource. Through our meetings I resolved my relationship with money and learned my true value. I would recommend DOULA BIZ FROM SCRATCH to any doula that wants to create structure in their business, see more revenue and reach higher levels!

you're sleeping

serious gourmet shit

hired me on the spot with my high ticket

already landed several high ticket clients

helping me to believe in myself

haven't been able to stop the flow of ideas

HIGHLY recommend reaching out to her

thirty four thousand dollars

her coaching reaches my soul, mind + spirit

authentic and unique approach

my energy is so high right now

I'm so grateful

she spoke to my heart

helped me get out of my head

Cierra Toliver

Melynda hits you right in the heart space. She gets you - wherever you're at in your business. She sees your vision and can help you establish a path to get there. I did things that I've always wanted to do but didn't think I could. Stepping outside my comfort zone boosted my confidence!

Kim Mar

I made a whole webinar ahhhh! Never thought I could’ve done it. I’m super proud! I also revamped my ENTIRE WEBSITE! It’s so “me” now! Get your whole business life right with Melynda! I'm particularly so glad I was able to hunker down on all the back-end admin side of my business. There's a whole world to entrepreneurship that I never even knew I needed before this!



After changing the lives of 1,000+ families while running my own holistic maternity business, I realized I could create an even greater ripple effect by leading the next generation of heart-centered birth keepers.

Every day, I see countless visionary doulas, midwives and birth pros (with incredible amounts of passion, wisdom, and love) embark on a mission to change lives, heal the maternal healthcare system and share the message of conscious, autonomous birth with the world…. But those goals aren't reached and their message never gets shared to its fullest potential because they’re stumped by the logistics of business planning, product development, pricing, marketing, and branding. 

Or, they do end up accomplishing those goals, but only at the expense of their own health and well-being. I mean yeah, maybe you have a thriving business and plenty of clients... but what does that matter if you have to work 24/7/365, never have time for self-care or your kids, your marriage is on the rocks, you're stressed and burned out... and you haven't been on vacation in 3 years??

Your business can feel like a playground or a prison; the choice is yours. I think the point is to have a LIFE and business you absolutely love; not just one or the other!

A lot of spiritual entrepreneurs, especially Birth Pros, also seem to think that generating wealth and abundance means they can’t also serve and support under-resourced communities. I wish I knew where this myth originated...

Newsflash, luscious babe; you can totally do both! You don't have to choose between one or the other. In fact, the ripple effects of creating massive profit can and will radiate out into your local community and lift others up in beautiful, untold ways. In other words, YES!; there is absolutely a way to achieve fabulous financial freedom and still be a loving, generous, charitable, soulful servant to your community; they aren’t mutually exclusive. In fact, together... they create a magical symbiosis!

The truth is, there’s NEVER been a better, easier time to become a Birth Doula and the world needs you now more than ever. My zone of joy and zone of genius is: Removing all those logistical roadblocks and technical headaches for you (I call them "Business Boulders"!), so you can focus on what YOU do best; serving and supporting families during the childbearing year.



In case you were wondering...


Have another question? Email us at [email protected] or send a message using the chatbox in the lower right-hand corner of this page!



Doula Biz From Scratch is fun, but it's also intensive and challenging. Running a business and becoming an entrepreneur requires discipline, focus, courage, and grit. Most of all, it requires consistent action taking and a sincere desire to succeed. As the old saying goes, "Give a woman a fish and feed her for a day. Teach her how to fish and feed her for a lifetime." That’s exactly why my #1 goal is to train you to think, act and make smart decisions like a CEO — so you have skills that serve you for a lifetime.

Doula Biz From Scratch is for world changers, healers, rebels, and visionary folks who want to use their gifts to run a mindful business that matters.

Destiniy Bullis

Melynda helped me realize what my weaknesses were within my business and has set me on the right path to help my business succeed. I’m SO thankful for all her wisdom and knowledge. After just ONE meeting with Melynda I took her advice and increased my pricing. I utilized the tools she gave me during our consultation and confidently gave the price for my services and booked the first client after our meeting. I am so happy I decided to join the Doula Biz From Scratch program. She has been absolutely phenomenal.

Tiffany Goedeken

The first module surrounding mental limits and abundance mindset was incredible. I love the concept of approaching this business from a soul space…. Melynda is the go-to for stepping into your power as a birth professional!

are you ready?
are you ready?


This program and everything it includes is valued at $25,000+ but you can get started today for as little as $300. You'll have unlimited, lifetime access to every feature!

PLEASE NOTE: If you choose to enroll with a payment plan, you are 100% responsible for honoring your commitment and completing all of your payments. Payment plans are offered as a courtesy and can not be canceled. This is not a "cancel anytime" offer. 




Doula Biz From Scratch is a step-by-step business and marketing mastermind for beginner and advanced entrepreneurs. You'll build (or re-build!) your doula business in just 12 weeks, in a way that's simple, soulful and strategic. 

Melynda Smith is a Business Anarchist, Certified High-Performance Coach, and Brand Strategist to doulas, midwives, and maternity professionals. She's also a dual-certified Digital Marketing Specialist via the American Marketing Association and Digital Marketing Institute; two of the world's most recognized digital marketing schools.

For ten years she was the owner/founder of Sage Femme, working as a Certified Holistic Birth Doula, Certified HypnoBirthing Instructor, Maternity Consultant, and Midwives Assistant. She loves Ashtanga yoga, curling up with a good book, spicy jalapeno margaritas, and lives in Jacksonville, Florida with her three feral children: Austin, Bodhi, and Harry.